What if Michael Brown’s last moments had been recorded?
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4   Ever since the retirement of the space shuttle three years ago, American astronauts have had to hitchhike their way to the International Space Station aboard Russian spaceships.
If you thought mind-controlling fungi were already scary, just wait — the shrooms are even more strategic than we thought.

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  • Google and LinkedIn Feed Matt Argall’s Passion for Artificial Intelligence Apps
    Google just bought Emu, an intelligent messaging app that can be used as an artificial assistant. The Emu AI engine looks through messages to find keywords, which it then turns into contextual information. The app can be used for making appointments, reserving tables at restaurants and other tasks.
  • Government wants to make cars talk to each other
    WASHINGTON – The Obama administration said Monday it is taking a first step toward requiring future cars and light trucks be equipped with technology that enables them to warn each other of potential danger in time to avoid collisions.
  • Scientists study how math skills are formed
    Sometime in elementary school, you quit counting your fingers and just know the answer. Now scientists have put youngsters into brain scanners to find out why, and watched how the brain reorganizes itself as kids learn math.