A packaging company in Muncie has informed the state it plans to lay off 261 workers over the next few months. DIY Group President Phil Durham said the company is laying off roughly half its workforce.
It’s too late to repeal the federal health care law, according to a congressman who has voted many times to eliminate some or all of it.
Regulations-happy federal bureaucrats are sabotaging businesses, suppressing the economy and supplanting congressional authority, U.S. Rep. Marlin Stutzman insisted Tuesday.

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  • A little bit of DC heading to Kosciusko
    Congress is coming to Kosciusko County this week – three members of it, anyway.
  • Website accuses Pence of sliding to left
    A new website taking aim at Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has popped up – www.stoppence.com.
  • Indiana lawmakers divided on suing Obama
    Federal lawmakers from Indiana split across party lines Wednesday about whether the U.S. House should sue President Barack Obama for allegedly overstepping his authority by issuing executive orders.