About two years ago, the president of International Business College, Steve Kinzer, arrived at the school’s campus at the Village of Coventry to find two car-carriers parked in the area normally reserved for student parking.
Going to a fast-food restaurant for breakfast is really silly when you think about it.
For years now I've been writing about various scams, and there is no shortage of variations on the way con artists manage to fleece people out of their money.

News now

  • Runaway pay-it-forward frenzies seem self-serving
    Last week, a story came out about how the people in a drive-thru at a Florida Starbucks spontaneously broke into a pay-it-forward frenzy.
  • Materials sought for vet's home
    Earlier this summer, UPSTAR, a Realtors association, announced plans to build a home for an Afghanistan veteran who had come home with major injuries and put out a plea for monetary or in-kind donations.
  • Pathfinders grant a sister’s wish
    Way back in 1982, a Fort Wayne woman now named Kimm Leowen went on a hot-air balloon ride for her birthday.