Gichuhi – Nicole and Samuel Pense – Sandra and Lee Renfro – Tracy and Robert Thurman – Michael and Cheryl Michael Stanford – Cindy and Jeffery Bean – Nancy and Thomas Jones – Barbara and Robert Jr.
Gamez – Johanna and Javier Hernandez Flick – Maureen and William Symongkhon – Vilaphanh and Pakapheng Longardner – Karen and Anthony Leksich – Joseph and Kristyn Mullins – Patricia and Jonathan Waites – Adrian and Laura Chivers Moore – Michael and Tara Bradfield – James and Cindy Javier –
Larimore – Steven and Michele Mack – John and Miriam Laurie – Tori and Kevin Bonilla – Jose and Jodie Billman Smith – Joshua and May Saffo Arellano – Rene and Glorimar Par – Ar and Kar Lay Dingus – Joshua and Lorie Conway – April and Jerelde Smead – James and Fay Westropp

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