Every autumn, when the leaves flutter down, we're faced with a dilemma. Is this the year when we stop raking and blowing those leaves to the curb to be hauled away? Is this the year we start our own compost pile?
 John Hodupp is standing next to a huge pile of 20-foot long timbers. If he were a jeweler, they would be blue diamonds. If he sold mushrooms, they would be his truffles.
Q. We moved out into the country and made a vegetable garden that is large – about 1,000 square feet. The first year, the garden was good – not many weeds, and it produced well.

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  • Bedrooms with personality
    When expecting a baby, parents-to-be usually become all a-flutter decorating the nursery. Ditto when the baby outgrows the crib and settles into the big-girl or big-boy bed.
  • Add to nature's outdoor décor
    Homes in the northern U.S. are treated to a measure of effortless outdoor decorating for fall: Nature does most of the work by turning the trees a vivid palette of reds, oranges and golds. Add a pumpkin or two on the doorstep and the look is complete.
  • Avoid pitfalls in decorating small spaces
    In a small space, every inch counts – and every mistake can have big consequences. We asked five designers for their go-to remedies: The mistake : Hanging heavy window treatments “I’ve walked into countless small spaces and discovered heavy, dark drapery that devours the space and makes it smaller,” said Trystin Kier Francis of Trystin Kier Co.