Q. I have seen a tall plant that seems to be very abundant with yellow flowers growing along the highways this spring. Do you know what it is? Why are they so numerous this year? A.
Q. My black-eyed Susan flowers have foliage that is turning brown – then black. The entire plant seems to be withering away. I keep watering, but it doesn’t help. A.
Q. We have large bees that are drilling holes on many of the deck posts. What are they, and how do we get rid of them? A.

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  • Pruning can aid stunted rose bush
    Q. It looks like my Knock Out roses took a real beating over the winter. I see a bit of growth at the bottom. What should I do? A.
  • Prepare yourself for quack grass fight
    Q. I have noticed a grass already appearing in my landscape beds. There are clumps of it and it has a bluish tinge. Some of it is also in the lawn next to the driveway. Is this crabgrass?