Q. Can you discuss what is happening with invasive pests such as emerald ash borer? A .
Q. We moved out into the country and made a vegetable garden that is large – about 1,000 square feet. The first year, the garden was good – not many weeds, and it produced well.
Q. I have a son who will graduate from high school next spring who loves plants and nature. In your opinion, what are some emerging “hot” career opportunities for a student with an interest in horticulture/agriculture?

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  • Fertilizer helps lawn for winter
    Q. What is the best time to fertilize the lawn? What is the best fertilizer to use? How much do I need to apply?
  • Slow-to-root trees best planted in summer
    Q. I have heard certain trees should not be planted in the fall. Is this true? A.
  • Spider mites are harmful
    Q. My bean plants are not doing very well. The foliage is turning yellow and then brown. Do you know what is wrong? A.