When I was in cooking school, I learned to value the power of the sauce.
Anytime I talk about spring and planting a garden, my friends and family laugh, roll their eyes and pray for the poor plants whose fate is preordained.
Spring is the time of year we make momentous, wake-up-from-the-dead-of-winter decisions. Not always about what to clean but rather what to keep or throw away.

News now

  • Mix lettuce types for perfect salad
    I guess you could call me a lettuce peasant. I like iceberg. I know, all you salad greens snobs are now rolling your eyes and thinking, “Seriously, this woman has a culinary degree and she likes iceberg lettuce?” Well let me tell you, growing up, a wedge of iceberg smothered in Thousand Island dressing with a couple of tomatoes on the side, was considered the salade composée of today.
  • Use quinoa as quick, easy protein
    Quinoa is a really hot ingredient right now. An ancient grain that is actually a seed, quinoa is native to the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, Chile and Peru. I love the stuff. In fact, I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (yes, I said breakfast).
  • PB&J can still delight adults
    Admit it. There are times when all you really want to eat is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.