Editor’s note: Journal Gazette photographer Rachel Von lives and works in downtown Fort Wayne. She’s spent the last several months observing events, activities and new features there, and she talked with some downtown boosters about the next steps in improving the area.
Minn Mying Nan Tin, director of the Burmese Advocacy Center in Fort Wayne, recently returned from her second trip this year to Myanmar, the homeland she left more than two decades ago.
There has been quite a bit of talk about how quiet this election is in Indiana. It has lacked the excitement of the 2008 primary election, but there still are plenty of things to watch for on Election Day.

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  • Climate will change
    Facts are stubborn things, John Adams once said. But sometimes it's more convenient to deny them. Men walked on the moon? That was a hoax. The Holocaust? Never happened.
  • Party politics turns personal
    Parties in transition A Congressional Quarterly survey of the fifty states in 1983 concluded that “The salient feature of Indiana politics is fierce partisanship, more pronounced here than almost anywhere else in the country.” Hoosiers had traditionally turned out to vote in larger numbers than their fellow Americans.
  • Slay the three-headed monster
       Next month, voters should put aside their doubts and fears and seize a golden opportunity to move Allen County's government firmly into the 21st century. They should vote yes on the single-county executive question.