I was amused at the letter from Jackie Dowd and Claire Fiddian-Green (Oct. 6). They claim that not only did they meet the reversions requirement but exceeded it.
I'm endorsing Bruce Stier for the Wayne Township Board. Stier and the other members of the board, together with Trustee Rick Stevenson, have been instrumental in keeping Wayne Township's budget in the black despite difficult economic times and rising demand for emergency assistance.
So often I see what appear at first glance to be demonstrations of my fellow citizens' pride in America.

News now

  • Drivers inconsiderate of funeral processions
    I want to discuss proper funeral procession etiquette. I was leaving a funeral on Oct. 3, traveling down West Jefferson Boulevard to Covington Road. As we made the trip from the funeral home to the cemetery, we encountered many motorists who had no clue what to do.
  • Sign theft constitutes unneighborly act
    We always thought of Fort Wayne as a town that could pride itself on being neighborly. Being a good neighbor means caring about others. We were disappointed several weeks ago when our garage sale signs disappeared the day we put them out.
  • Parkview insurance spat inconveniences customers
    We are writing to encourage the Parkview system to reconsider its action in severing ties with United Healthcare insurance.