Winners Puffins: The so-called clowns of the sea had a good breeding season in Scotland after several poor years and are about ready to take flight and leave. They come to Scottish islands in March to breed and leave in August.
How do you get to downtown Fort Wayne? If you’ve tried to do it lately, you might be thinking it’s not possible. Road reconstruction, storm sewer separation projects and work on the new Ash Brokerage development have slowed traffic to a near-standstill at many locations.
Hoosiers have heard so much hype about school choice in recent years that they might be surprised to learn it still has its limits – and rightly so – with athletic eligibility.

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  • Survivors of sinking reunite
    Fresh from delivering the first atomic bomb to the U.S. base on the Pacific island of Tinian, the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine on July 30, 1945.
  • A reason for pause
    Those who support the death penalty ought to feel a special revulsion at botched executions, the latest being the almost two-hour ordeal Wednesday in Arizona. Indiana's Department of Corrections ...
  • Drugs of choice
    The national statistics in the drug-overdose epidemic are staggering. In a mid-size city like Fort Wayne, in an area surrounded by rural counties, it’s perhaps tempting to think of this as somebody else’s problem.