Old thinking: Courts aren't for infants. They're for infants who grow up – and become lawbreakers.
The “legals” aren't as much fun as the comics pages or as colorful as the fronts of the features sections. But legally required public-service advertising by government agencies has played a key role in newspapers since America was founded.
A dollar may not go as far as it used to. But a dollar in Fort Wayne still goes further than a dollar in Fort Worth.  But not in Fort Smith.

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  • A public service
    Though his words have a disturbing ring, Bill McGill has done a remarkable thing.
  • Negative attention attracts online trolls
    The death of Robin Williams last week brought a number of difficult subjects into the forefront of public discussion, including suicide, how older men deal with mental and physical illness, and the underside of fame.
  • Waiver on the way
    There may be another leak to plug when the legislature re-evaluates Indiana's ethics code.