Throughout this month, 40 AFS international high school students from 21 countries are scheduled to arrive in Indiana. They'll be traveling by bus, train and car to meet their host families in the coming days, after which they'll settle into a daily routine and, like many U.S.
The national debate over Common Core State Standards has intensified in recent months as several states have begun rejecting the standards in favor of drafting their own. My home state, Indiana, was the first to choose this path.
While living for more than a decade in China, and using its thriving social media, no question came to mind quite so often as: “Who is the idiot who just censored that online post, and what on Earth was so dangerous about it?” I was hardly alone in my frustration.

Editorial columns

  • Make Miami connection more meaningful
    The recent controversy in Washington, D.C., about its football team – the Washington Redskins – has caused many people to consider North Side High School’s use of the word “Redskins.” I have been listening to some residents, including a school board official, friends and even family members, say there is nothing wrong with using “Redskins” as a team
  • State suits help keep the balance with feds
    Recently some have questioned why the state of Indiana has brought lawsuits against our federal government. While this litigation is adversarial by nature, it is a necessary part of our constitutional process.
  • Democrats stand fast with city employees
    Like so many of you, I have watched in disbelief as the Republican supermajority of Fort Wayne City Council worked relentlessly to dismantle the very foundation that makes this community strong.