Certain drug manufacturers, such as Eli Lilly here in Indiana, rely on live cells, often E. coli bacterial cells, to make life-saving drugs. And this, of course, is a good thing.
Recently, the Indiana Supreme Court added to its legacy of contempt for working-class Hoosiers by proclaiming that a deceptively named “right-to-work” law does not violate the Indiana Constitution. And, in doing so, it reaffirmed two maxims that are never taught in law school.
We have all seen the headlines – car accident, one fatality, a male 35 years old – but we sometimes forget the likelihood that there is a child tied to this adult. Maybe he was a father, uncle, brother, cousin or dear friend.

Editorial columns

  • US, China turn page with climate deal
    President Barack Obama recently announced an agreement with China's president, Xi Jinping, to reduce carbon emissions jointly over the next several decades. I hope this marks a permanent change toward cooperation on climate change.
  • Awareness is the key to end child slavery
    If you have never looked into the eyes of a person rescued from human trafficking, you have never seen the greatest depth of hope imaginable or the pain that will haunt a human for a lifetime. I have witnessed both.
  • Word to the wise: Build vocabulary early
    The PNC Financial Services Group recently hosted the Guinness Book of World Records attempt for largest vocabulary lesson as part of Grow Up Great, our early childhood education program. More than 4,000 pre-K children in 37 cities across 15 states and the District of Columbia participated.