Citing a U.S. Census Bureau report, The Journal Gazette recently reported that 77 million Americans, nearly a quarter of the population, live in what have been designated as poverty areas and that this population has increased significantly over the past decade.
“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Those famous words are from Rahm Emmanuel, mayor of the murder capital of the United States, Chicago, and the city with the most restrictive and draconian gun-control laws in our country.
I grew up in Fort Wayne and now live north of Detroit. I recently visited my aunt, Mildred Oswalt, in Fort Wayne, and we had lunch at Coney Island! She sent me Ryan Duvall’s Coney Island article (July 6).


  • Homosexuality-biology linkis far from settled science
    Though the common belief that homosexuals are born as homosexuals is part of the popular culture and psychology, the genetic causation studies of Bailey, Hamer and LeVay have been severely criticized, even by those who support homosexuality. To say that “Gay people are born that way.
  • Conversations are key to end-of-life wishes
    I read with great interest the oped piece “End-of-life decisions must not be coerced” by Ben Mattlin (July 9). Mattlin’s experience gives great testimony that advance care planning works if the person has the conversation.
  • Drugs of choice
    The national statistics in the drug-overdose epidemic are staggering. In a mid-size city like Fort Wayne, in an area surrounded by rural counties, it’s perhaps tempting to think of this as somebody else’s problem.