We all know it’s tough to get answers from the federal government, no matter who’s in the White House.   But the delay in approval of Indiana’s proposed alternative to Medicaid expansion is especially perplexing.
Here are two figures to keep in mind: • Less than $10,000. That is how much 46 percent of Allen County couples spend on their wedding.
I've heard different people say that President Barack Obama is disengaged, disconnected, detached and AWOL when it comes to foreign policy and now ISIL. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he has from the beginning.


  • Plan short changes rural representation
    I ask that the citizens of Allen County vote against the referendum to change Allen County government.
  • Gerardot has shown empathy for everyone
    As a Christian clergy member in Fort Wayne, I have met with local and state legislators to talk about a variety of issues that affect our community. I have come to appreciate that many of our lawmakers care deeply about our city and state.
  • Standard bearers
     When Rep. P. Eric Turner faced a review for intervening behind closed doors in legislation in which he had a clear financial interest, it was a panel of his own colleagues who ruled there was no violation of state ethics law.