Stevie Rae Von, a police reporter for The Journal Gazette, finds herself at the police station being questioned by detectives about her relationship with a man named Jason Mullen. The two met while Stevie was reporting about a serial killer in Fort Wayne.
A third woman has been murdered in Fort Wayne. The tips about the murders are coming into The Journal Gazette newsroom, not to police. This has police up in arms. Stevie is called out to the murder scene at Foster Park. It's there that a mystery photographer catches Stevie's eye.
While reporting the latest murder, Stevie finds out the women are being killed in neighboring states and being dumped in city parks. She also finds out the mystery photographer's name – Jason Mullen. His dimples aren't the only thing she finds interesting.
Stevie comes home to her West Central apartment after a long night of work and runs into her downstairs neighbor, Crandall. Crandall is cute and has a thing for Stevie, but Stevie's thoughts turn to Jason. She makes plans to see the photographer again.
It's Stevie's day off, but she gets a call from her editor to come into the newspaper office to talk about the murders. In the office, an envelope with her name written across the front has been delivered to her desk. Her friend Margie finds the picture inside creepy.
Police have discovered the phone calls about the murders are coming from the dead women's cell phones. Stevie's editor assigns her a story relating to the murders. She makes a visit to Jason Mullen's photography studio.
Stevie drives to Celina, Ohio, to meet with the latest murder victim's mother. When she returns home, she has an argument with neighbor Crandall.
A run through Swinney Park was just what Stevie needed to unwind from an emotional day. A scary run-in with Cat Lady causes Stevie to be injured. But a surprise visit from Jason eases Stevie's pain.
Margie invites Stevie out to lunch. On her way to meet Margie, Stevie talks with neighbor Crandall. Crandall is hurt over Jason's visit to Stevie's apartment.
Lunch with Margie leads Stevie to reconsider Cat Lady's warning. She explores the riverbank and finds an item belonging to one of the dead women.
Jason is furious that Stevie found the dead woman's purse. Stevie finds it odd that he is so angry, but even stranger that he showed up to the crime scene without his camera equipment.
Stevie is upset with Jason over the purse incident. During her dinner break, she finds an apology letter from Jason on her car. But peace is shattered when the killer calls again – this time on Stevie's cell phone.
Scared after the killer's call, Stevie decides she doesn't need to be alone that night. She spends the evening with Jason.
Stevie returns to her apartment and gets a phone call from a police friend. Her reveals some evidence, including the fact that police discovered a photo chemical on the women's bodies. Could Jason be the killer?
Crandall offers Stevie the sanctuary of his apartment. He shows her his latest work, which turns out to be photos of different women. Jason calls and Stevie accuses him of murder. The real murderer is revealed. A shot is fired.
Stevie is shocked and confused when she finds out Jason isn't a photographer. She's not sure if she can be with someone she doesn't really know.
The police detective finishes questioning Stevie about the murders and Jason Mullen. She returns to her apartment to get her things and finds an envelope in her door. Jason is there. She must decide whether to forgive the man who saved her life.