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NBA commish dead wrong to punish Spurs
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Red Wings prospect, dressed as Teletubby, tagged for drunk driving
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Steroid Era icons appear on Hall of Fame ballot
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Louisville jumps conferences, too
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Indiana impressive in dismantling Tar Heels, but ....
Decatur native, "Hoosiers" director to be honored
Rutgers, Maryland, Tulane, East Carolina .... enough, already
Cowboys fans petition President to remove Jerry Jones
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On QBs and questionable touchdowns
Purdue fires football coach
A few post-gluttony thoughts
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Bad omens for both Irish, Trojans
Service academies roll out new threads for rivalry
Maple Leafs fan buys Gardens toilet
On Pats, 49ers, Bears and more
Suspended one game for .... well, something
Maryland joins Big Ten, Rutgers rumored to follow
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Keselowski is not your usual Sprint Cup champ
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Patriots expose Horsies, Luck
Notre Dame No. 1, Alabama No. 2 stirs a few echoes
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Solo, Stevens wed hours after altercation
Rips team for ripping Tebow anonymously
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Also known as, "Well, Duh Moment for today"
Marlins' fire sale justifies Minny governor's hard line
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NASCAR fines, docks saleable commodity; won't sit him down
Hatfields, McCoys, er, Gordon, Bowyer clans brawl
Tuberville slaps assistant, then denies it
As 'Bama loses, 10-0 Irish focus unchanging
Johnson crash leaves Keselowski with big lead
Bob Chase, Mike Emrick to call Komets-Evansville
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Analyst way off base on Tillman decision
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Pagano's locker-room speech one of alltime greats
Longhorns legend Royal dies
Pippen critiques the presidential game
This one'll be all the rage around Bloomington.
Here's some news Dallas fans can't use
IU freshmen must sit nine games, donate to charity for ....
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Ortiz fires back at Bobby V's accusation
Luck gives himself a half-season grade: C
Chase coming down to familiar scenario
On Irish escape, Hoosiers, Purdue
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Players will fly in, fly out on game day
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... or so Fox hints, two games into the season
Will the fall ever end for Lance Armstrong?