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Wednesday, March 13, 2019 1:00 am


Birds should be next to go following south side trees

Kudos to the south side beautification committee and especially to the electric company for chopping down the flowering trees on South Anthony between Paulding and Tillman. Those messy flowers only lasted a couple of months and then there were all those leaves. Getting rid of those trees frees up more corners for gas stations and Dollar General stores.

I suggest we replace those trees with cement statues. Next, we ought to do something about those songbirds that wake me up on summer mornings. Of course, if we eliminate the trees, that would take care of the birds, and we could kill two birds with one cement statue.

Of course, this is just my modest proposal.

Bill Ihssen

Fort Wayne 


People need to protest destructive library policies

I have been reading about the efforts to ruin our library.

I moved out north in 1973. I remember taking my children to the bookmobile at White Swan Plaza. Our mother made sure all five of us kids had library cards. So I'm usually at the Dupont branch once or twice a week.

Our library is one of the top 10 in the nation. It did not get that way overnight. I know a couple of families who live out west and come to Fort Wayne to use our library every other year. I'm sure there are other people who do the same.

Evidently, the people in charge of destroying the books have lost sight of the purpose of the library. As far as making it a community center, we have a really good one two or three blocks from the library. 

I did see recently that a nurse who works in a nursing home asked whether anyone had any books they didn't want as the residents had already read all they had. I'm sure there are other organizations that could use books if the library would just contact them.

I called the downtown library and asked when the next board meeting is. The lady I asked put me on hold for 10 minutes. She said she finally found it on the bottom of the library page on the computer.

Not everyone has a computer. How often are signs telling the date and time put up at the branches? I bet they'd get more people than now.

I suggest if destroying  books continues, people stop donating time and money to the library.

I have had a library card since I was 5 years old. The ruining of our library needs to stop.

Joan Parkison

Fort Wayne


Republicans have answers to reinvigorate our city

The election for mayor is approaching. Republicans have two excellent candidates, John Crawford and Tim Smith. The Democrats have only Tom Henry to run.

You would think, after 12 years, that Henry would have the day-to-day obligations perfected. But, instead, he has so many big projects that he has ignored the citizens. Streets and alleys have still not been started (except for photo ops), but the increased taxes are  piling up. It is amazing that his vaunted economic development cohorts have to read in the newspapers that another apartment/garage/retail project on Superior/Harrison failed for lack of financing.

Meanwhile, citizens feel unsafe with the shootings that have gone on. A city cannot ignore its neighborhoods and expect anything else.

Smith and Crawford understand that all of Fort Wayne needs attention, not just the high and mighty. They will offer a conservative approach to development, putting citizens first. They will strengthen the police and fire departments, help stop the scourge of opioids, and improve our neighborhoods.

Patrick Sefton

Fort Wayne