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Tuesday, March 12, 2019 1:00 am


Student voting argument has logical flaws

I disagree with Brandon Blumenherst's comments on March 6 about a “suppressive” bill regarding a student's right to vote.

He states that this bill would strip students of their right to choose to vote at their campus residence or the residence they moved from. He states that the process of getting absentee ballots is fairly complicated. I googled getting absentee ballots in Allen County, and the third citation gave instructions on obtaining an absentee ballot. If I, at 79 and not too computer literate, can obtain the information needed, I find it hard to believe that a university student with an iPhone would find it difficult to navigate the “complex process of requesting and receiving an absentee ballot.”

Your voting place should be where you live and come from. Otherwise, the 35 percent of the 2018 freshman class at IU Bloomington and other out-of-state students at Indiana colleges should be able to pay in-state tuition.

The population of Bloomington is about 85,000 with 60 percent composed of the students, meaning the student body would control local government though upon graduation they would move out of Bloomington to where they expect to work. Lastly, when students living on campus leave for winter or summer breaks and “go home,” do they go back to the dorms or the residence (probably their parents') they moved from?

He states that university towns are traditionally Democratic then goes on to state the intent of the bill was to protect Republican seats. Which is it?


Fort Wayne

City's tunneling project sparks worry over wells

I have seen on TV several stories about the project to improve the city's ability to keep the sanitary sewers from overflowing into the storm sewers when we experience heavy rains.

Out here in northeast Allen County and in northwest Paulding County, Ohio, there is an underground vein of artesian wells where the water flows up out of the ground continuously.

Is there any chance that the five-mile tunnel will have any adverse effect on our wells?

Steven Eager


Poor treatment of golf pro costing Crawford votes

I would like to respond to the letter by Judy Terrell (“Compassion, knowledge drive Crawford's bid,” Feb. 14).

She may not know what Dr. John Crawford did to the golf professional Rick Hemsoth, a Christian man of integrity who gave much more to the city than he received.

After reaching a verbal agreement with the parks and recreation director on a contract that would take Hemsoth to retirement in two years after serving more than 35 years, Crawford, chair of the financial committee for City Council, instigated a move to cut the legs out from under Hemsoth. He voted to remove Hemsoth's salary and contract from the budget and offered him a job with a significant cut in pay and made his job year round as the city was spending millions on the Riverfront project.

As a candidate for mayor, one should have good judgment, make good decisions and have a reasonable amount of loyalty to someone who has served the city and the golf community faithfully for many years. Dr. Crawford is lacking in all three, saying nothing about the impact on the parks department's golf courses, events and facilities Hemsoth has managed at a high level.

Crawford may feel the wrath of the golfing community and their friends at the ballot box. He has lost my vote.

Jerry Pieper

Fort Wayne