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Monday, March 11, 2019 1:00 am


City welcoming to transferees

The March 4 article “Ohio GM workers greet tough choice” gives the viewpoint of GM employees who are faced with the prospect of having to relocate to preserve their earning power.

While I am sympathetic to their situation, I think there is another side to this perspective. Over the years that I have lived in Fort Wayne, I have met and become friends with a number of GM plant transfers. Most of them have integrated into the community and found satisfaction in the results of their relocation.

For those in Ohio and Michigan who are referred to in the article, they should be informed that Greater Fort Wayne has a lot to offer them and their families. And they are not going to be the first to be welcomed into the community.

Donald R. Hobbs

Fort Wayne

Real ID hassles hardly seem worth it

I sent this letter to the BMV sometime back for an explanation on my birth certificate. I haven't heard from them.

In January, I renewed my driver's license. I took the info needed to get the Real ID designation on mine. When I showed my birth certificate, they wouldn't accept it. It was the original certificate given at my birth. It gives the info of where I was born (at home), the date and time, my father and mother's info, and the county and state. Also, on the back, it has my footprints and my mother's thumbprints. It has a gold seal, the doctor's name and signature.

It got me into the military, which I served for 20 years, the Post Office when I worked there, plus any other thing I needed it for. The license branch wouldn't accept it because it was supplied by the doctor. They said I would have to go to the birth county to get the proper certificate.

When my license plate was sent to me, there was a leaflet with it that stated you need your birth certificate, no other details about it. So that is what I took. They didn't even ask for anything else.

We couldn't find my wife's certificate, so we made a trip to our neighboring county to get hers. We had to fill out a sheet for info and they asked to see her driver's license. They made a copy and charged us $10 for it. There is far less info on it than my original certificate.

Now, if I have to drive over to get another piece of paper and pay $10,. Something is wrong. I just renewed without the star, since I had only a few days to renew it.

This is another botched deal. I think I should be able to go back to the BMV and have them replace it at no additional cost.

Dale Biberstein


Senator abandons oath in denying emergency

Sen. Rand Paul's opposition to President Trump's emergency declaration regarding border security is appalling. The senator stands with the liberal minds who want the destruction of America's freedom, rule of law and safety. He ignores the terrible state of affairs at the southern border: drugs, human trafficking and MS13 infiltration, among other horrifying activities.

This continues to demonstrate why the American people are frustrated with politicians who only feign to care about them, or who may have political ambitions contrary to their constituents.

Trump brings out the hidden or true character of a person. Paul has abandoned his first oath; he is doing great harm to the American people by refusing to allow the president to ensure our safety; to allow prompt action to significantly reduce the proven portentous threat at our southern border.

Jeffrey Alan Phelps

Fort Wayne