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Saturday, March 09, 2019 1:00 am


Important reminder

The letter by Christine N. Miller (March 3) is now on my refrigerator door, serving as my daily reminder to be grateful. And I am sad that I need that reminder.

Barbara Anderson

Fort Wayne

Schools' support for arts takes back seat to sports

It's a shame that the East Allen County Schools board spends so much money on sports in the schools. I wish money was spent on the arts, too.

They spent millions of dollars on artificial turf and gymnasiums and spend nothing on the arts. New Haven High School has the same stage curtains on the stage that were there when I went there almost 40 years ago.

Most of the athletes will never go beyond high school with their sport. I firmly believe the arts stay with you for your entire life.

Fort Wayne has such an abundance of arts in our community, and it's sad that our schools don't support them as much as they should.

Kevin Workman

New Haven

Anthony Wayne Day disregards full history

It is with great anger that I read the recent comments of Councilman Jason Arp concerning the recent vote for a Anthony Wayne Day. I don't know his education, but he must have done poorly in American history or he studied the “new” history that ignores most of the true history of this country, especially the white man's treatment of the true native Americans.

Every single “white man” is an alien to this country. Our forefathers came here seeking a new life with new freedoms. If it had not been for the Native Americans, who showed them how to plant, harvest and hunt for food, they probably would all have died.

The sad part is that as the white man increased in numbers, he couldn't live at peace with the Native Americans. The white man stole every piece of land they wanted from the Native Americans. When they tried to defend their land, we called them savages and sent our army to slaughter them. We pushed the true Native Americans off every decent piece of land they called home. We broke every treaty we ever made with them. We forced them onto reservations with the worst land possible.

We stole their children and sent them to “our special schools” in an attempt to wipe out their culture and history. We made “cigar store” Indians to make fun of them. Just about every movie has portrayed them as children-killing savages or made fun of them. We introduced them to our “fire water” and turned them into drunks with no hope.

I find it somewhat amusing that the Native Americans now have so many casinos to take the white man's money.

I served in the Air Force and the Army Reserves. Arp has no right to question my patriotic love of this country just because I disagree with him.

There is a beautiful museum in Phoenix, dedicated to the Native American. I suggest Arp visit it then come back hopefully with a little more education and rethink his comments.

I thank the few councilmen who had the courage to say no to this resolution.

Larry Davis

Fort Wayne