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Thursday, March 07, 2019 1:00 am


CHEERS to all the customers in the Kroger Coventry parking lot who assisted me when I fell off my Roll About cart. I hit a bad spot and went face first to the ground. When I came to, a group of strangers was trying to calm me down. I injured my nose and my right shoulder. This group of customers kept me warm with blankets and coats until the EMS arrived. I don't know who you were, but I thank you. Thanks also goes out to the young lady who gave my wife a lift to Lutheran Hospital. God bless you all.


Fort Wayne 


Headwaters Junction would be 'boondoggle'

The Riverfront is an inspiring idea to bring new life to our rivers and downtown. The ideas are abundant in their scope and vision. Some will come to fruition, providing the foundation for economic expansion and enjoyment of our city for years to come. Other ideas are poorly conceived pipe dreams: They will drain resources and finances and prevent opportunities for private investment.

One pipe dream I see being brought up is Headwaters Junction. The idea is to bring the steam engine 765 to the North River Property. This will involve building more than a mile of new track across land that in some cases has reverted to adjoining property owners. Building a rail line costs $2 million to $3 million a mile; this doesn't include the cost for the land. This particular mile of track will also involve at least nine road crossings. Who will be maintaining this track with the nine crossings? 

As to the effect on our roadways: Many have had the bone-jarring, vehicle-damaging experience of driving over broken-down rail crossings. Also remember that buses, along with other vehicles, will have to stop at each crossing, halting the flow of traffic.

The idea of the Riverfront is for it to be an inviting place to bring people to it, and allow development adjacent to the Riverfront with access to the amenities. Does putting a rail line barrier between these developments and the rivers make sense? Who will want to build homes or a business whose front door leads to a cinder-filled mound that blocks off the rivers? The junction will impede if not halt much of the planned mixed-use development on the north side of the river.

Placement of Headwaters Junction is a poorly conceived boondoggle that will cost us millions, damage our roads and curtail the potential of the Riverfront. When people advocate for Headwaters Junction, demand to see real numbers, the land cost, construction cost, the plan and budget for maintenence. They won't want to give them to you. If Engine 765 is to come downtown, perhaps the GE complex would be a better location.

David Armstrong

Fort Wayne

Aerial view essential to grasp roundabout

The Bass-Hadley roundabout has been in the news since July. Many of us never get over that way so we rely on the news to keep us informed. It's difficult for many of us to form a mental picture of a roundabout with railroad tracks; therefore, I was surprised by the unimaginative photo in the March 2 paper that offered no clarity on the issue.

An aerial view (perhaps via drone) would have given a clear and effective idea of the roundabout. Instead, we saw generic pavement, yellow lines and signs telling readers absolutely nothing about the roundabout itself. In the past, there have been artists' renditions which, again, were not adequate or practical.

Even though landscaping needs to be completed, an aerial view would help those of us who don't live in that area. Please consider an update soon.

Patricia G. Stahlhut

Fort Wayne