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Wednesday, March 06, 2019 1:00 am


Vanover candidacy step toward diversity

Recently, someone I am proud to call a friend was featured on TV for his City Council race. I'm referring to Taylor Vanover; he is running in the Fifth District and he is a Republican. As the piece highlighted, Taylor is a young, gay Republican and a leader when it comes to LGBT Republicans.

Taylor's political platform is rock solid and has great potential: community policing, decreasing the amount of money the city spends/bonds, and a strong emphasis on neighborhoods. While some have argued that things such as race, age, sex and sexual orientation do not matter in the political world, I would argue the opposite.

Our city is diverse in terms of race, age, ethnicities and national origins. With such a diverse city, our leaders should reflect at least a portion of the city's demographics. City Council now is an all-male, fairly older, almost all-white group. As we progress as a city, state and country, our leaders should come from all backgrounds, all walks of life, and people such as Taylor Vanover should be the norm and not the newsworthy outlier.


Fort Wayne


CHEERS to the Rev. Bill McGill of Imani Baptist Church. Rev. McGill has consistently shown that he is a true leader of interrace and interfaith dialogue. Our politicians should keep their prejudices to themselves and pass a real hate-crime law and not just something terribly watered down.

Fort Wayne has many reasons to be proud of Rev. McGill. He has proven to be a rock and a pillar of what we should all strive for in bettering our entire community. I believe that our own Leonard Goldstein is looking down upon Rev. McGill from Heaven above with both pride and admiration.

Eric Schreier

Fort Wayne 


Mexico, Berlin walls can't be compared

The January Golden Pen letter by Marlin Culy, published on Feb. 24, is a good example of liberal fake news, deception and lies. I am surprised The Journal Gazette made this letter of the month.

He makes an asinine analogy between the wall President Trump wants to build on our border with Mexico and the Berlin Wall; the two cases are completely different.

Trump wants to build a wall on the border with Mexico to prevent illegal immigration of criminals, drugs, human trafficking and people who we simply don't know who they are. The last time I checked Mexico is a foreign country with different laws, a different language and government. If you get caught entering their country illegally, they will put you in jail if you lack proper documentation to enter.

Culy says we have laws that can solve our immigration problems. That is true, except that many illegals who are successful in sneaking into our country evade those laws because once they are in, it is practically impossible to find them.

The reason Democrats are very lax in wanting to enforce our border with Mexico is because they want and need the votes of those illegal people who come in to win future elections. They are their meal ticket to power, and they know that they will get their votes as long as they will continue to make it easy for them to enter our country illegally.

Franco Traina

Fort Wayne