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Tuesday, March 05, 2019 1:00 am


Library patrons excluded from winnowing process

I remember getting my first library card. It cost 5 cents at the time and was an investment that opened the world to me. I couldn't believe the card allowed me to take home books to read. I was an avid reader and spent my days perusing the stacks of books at the Pontiac Library, then on Pontiac across from James Smart School. I even remember the librarian's name!

One of the real joys of the library, aside from a serendipitous discovery while skimming through the card catalogues (beautiful wooden file cabinets of cards), was walking down the aisle of books. Books were everywhere, and the stacks were full. Sometimes, in searching for books, I might discover another book.

Now the stacks are emptier than they were. Gone is the delightful discovery of a random book near to the one I was looking for.

The decisions by the director of the Allen County Public Library and the library board to discard books are upsetting and unsettling. As a taxpayer and frequent user of the library, I strongly disagree with this thinning process. I use e-books and Hoopla and physical books. The use of electronic devices does not obviate the necessity of physical books.

I encourage patrons to voice opinions to the board and the director. It is our library and we have a right to know how decisions are made. We need to have input prior to the discarding of books, not after the fact.

Kathi Weiss

Fort Wayne

Adams staff grateful for credit union's support

Adams Elementary is a Title I school on the east side of Fort Wayne. We are part of Fort Wayne Community Schools. We are a small neighborhood school with an amazing staff.

Adams staff, volunteers, and community partners strive to create a positive experience for the students. Though education is the priority, the school also tries to be supportive of students by creating opportunities to show them we care.

There is a lot that goes into creating these extra opportunities for our students and families, so it is an incredible gesture when local businesses donate to help with anything positive for our students. This year we have been supported on many levels by Three Rivers Federal Credit Union, and we want to publicly thank them for their generosity.

Three Rivers FCU made the holidays extra special for our beloved students. Our students were overwhelmed with excitement because of their kindness. We can't thank them enough for all they have done. Just know it is appreciated beyond measure and your efforts to put smiles all on of the faces of our students will not be forgotten.

Misty Zent

Adams Elementary School

McMillen staff there for pickleball players

Our sincere thanks go out to those who operate the McMillen Community Center for the enjoyment of its Fort Wayne residents.

We play pickleball seven days a week at the center for only $1 a day, and cannot thank the director, Andre Patterson, enough for his time and patience with our group.

Many improvements have been made on our behalf, including new LED lighting. We are thankful to Miss Hunter for opening up each morning at 9 a.m. sharp so we retired citizens can enjoy the fun and fellowship of this activity. Mr Scott, the man who keeps the entire complex clean and beautiful, is always willing to go out of his way to help us in any way possible.

Thank you, Parks and Recreation, for dedicating so much positive energy toward this facility. We know this is one of the “hidden gems” in our city. All are welcome to join us at McMillen.

Phil Amt

Fort Wayne Pickleball, Inc.