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Saturday, March 02, 2019 1:00 am


Hate-crime legislation endorses segregation

In nearly every report of Indiana's impending hate-crime legislation we read that Indiana is only one of five states without hate-crime legislation. It appears to be a condescending slight suggesting Hoosiers are little more than a bunch of valueless conservative rubes intent on forever camping out in the frontier of morbid bigotry. These reports are no doubt intended to inflame the unacquainted and thrust the previously defeated legislation on citizens who have qualitatively objected in past legislative cycles.

The governor now attempts to rank the citizens of Indiana and make us answerable to special classifications: old, gay, poor, minority, majority, etc. It appears Gov. Eric Holcomb, like LBJ before him, measures minority people and sees them as inferior and helpless. Is it proper for the state to judge people categorically inadequate or should we expect to be accepted simply as citizen, human and equal?

The legal establishment of classes and castes is, by its very nature, special selection, classism, bigotry and existential inequality. This is far different from the equality of all men envisioned by our Founding Fathers, who recognized the laws of nature, and of nature's God, the sole grantor of universal equality. If we agree with those builders of our mighty republic, that all humanity is equal, should we not also insist they be governed, even punished equally?

If equality is virtuous and right, then establishing inequality by statute makes the state without virtue or equality and unfit to demand citizens line up by ranks of varying value and legal status. Therefore, hate-crime legislation is not the way forward, it is undoubtedly and contentiously arousing a spirit of segregation.

Andrew Reum

Fort Wayne

Angels in an SUV

It is with humble gratitude that I want to acknowledge and thank the kind couple who went out of their way to assist me to get to my car when ice covered the parking lot of Dupont AMC Theater on Feb. 17.

I stood on the curb “frozen” in place and terrified of falling.

These angels came along in their black SUV and saved me.

Bless your hearts!

Rita Voors

Fort Wayne

Progressive platform must include peace

If the Democratic Party has moved so far to the left, why are progressives so disinterested in world peace?

Hawks look to our social entitlements for more war funding, but people who call themselves progressive are too timid to mention using our bloated military budget for social good.

The neocons in the Trump administration are eliminating hard-fought nuclear treaties in an effort to regain nuclear supremacy.

We are living in a very dangerous time. There is no returning to a post-World War II unipolar world. Nuclear supremacy is an unachievable nightmare.

Russia will deploy the Avangard hyper-sonic glide vehicle this year. Avangard travels at 20 times the speed of sound. It can circle the earth in 30 minutes. It is maneuverable and can carry a two-megaton nuclear warhead.

Technology has exceeded our humanity. The only defense is diplomacy and renouncing pre-emptive war and first-strike policies.

Our military-industrial complex is demonizing Russia to advance its agenda. Russian foreign policy is passive compared to the United States.

We have expanded NATO to the Russian border and surrounded them with military bases and missiles.

The Russian military posture is that they will fight conventionally as long as possible, but use nuclear weapons to defend themselves.

We cannot return to 1945. We must embrace the political and technological realities of 2019 or perish in a futile nuclear arms race.

Chanting “USA, USA...” will not improve this situation.

Real progressives work for peace.

Tim Tiernon

Fort Wayne for Peace