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Tuesday, February 12, 2019 1:00 am


Even bad times are part of God's plan

Just because you may have moments of stress and emotion doesn't mean you shouldn't be thankful for every blessing God gives you. There's always something to be grateful for even on your darkest days.

When it's night, God gives you the moon. When it rains, he gives you a rainbow. And when it's rough, he sends you your friends and family who are in your life for a reason. A lesson. A shoulder to cry on. An anchor to keep you grounded when the storm is too overwhelming to hold yourself together. Or a hand to pull you out from the rocks at the bottom when you're too weak or broken to lift yourself up.

Try to appreciate the little things. Life is precious. Live in the moment, but realize your past shapes you into who you are today. Love yourself and those around you because there's worth in everything and everyone.

Even though things in life may not be perfect, hold your head high, have faith and trust that no matter what's going on, everything happens for a reason. Don't let the bad times discourage your future.

Sometimes a rocky road will push you onto the road that God has set for you and you'll find that it leads you to a much smoother path. So, if you're suffering, suffer with a smile because the pain won't last forever. Happiness will come. Maybe not now, but it's coming.

Shannon Lyn Bergman

Fort Wayne

'Socialism' bogeyman can't stand up to facts

In his State of the Union speech, Donald Trump attempted to smear the idea of socialism with innuendos of totalitarianism. But after a century of semantic abuse, shouting “socialism!” no longer elicits the Pavlovian response it once did. Opposing socialism on grounds of freedom is a confusion of an economic system with a political one.

Freedom is a function of political dichotomy – totalitarianism vs. democracy – while capitalism or socialism can be a part of either political system. The Cold War straw man Trump attempted to prop up can't stand against real-world examples: China is a capitalist police state. Do any freedom lovers want to live there? The Scandinavian countries are socialist democracies – with individual freedom, universal health care, high standards of living, and poverty three times lower than the USA. Not having many billionaires walking the streets of Copenhagen seems a reasonable trade-off.

Economic arguments against socialized solutions such as single-payer health care hold no water, either. Nearly every other industrialized country on Earth pays half or less per capita for health care than we do. They pay collectively through taxes (like we pay for our military without any controversy) because it's the most efficient, least expensive, and hassle-free way to do it.

Trump's Orwellian misuse of language is a hallmark of the totalitarianism he pretended to deprecate. We should employ capitalism or socialism where either works best, rather than tolerate outdated lies that only impede real debate. Socialized solutions for things such as health care may be the only thing that can save us from the ballooning national debt and budget deficits that Trump's brand of capitalism has produced.

Robert J. Uecker

Fort Wayne

Trump tax cuts proving their worth

I, too, just finished my tax return for 2018, and I have to disagree with Dave Williams' Feb. 5 letter.

I can say with confidence that everyone I know and work with has benefited from the Trump tax cuts. I paid $1,800 less in 2018 than 2017.

Not knowing what he does for a living, it is hard to criticize him, but it is easy to tell what party he votes for and I know it isn't Republican. This is just another case of “fake news” that just is not the truth.

Tim Case

New Haven