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Saturday, February 09, 2019 1:00 am


Wading into questions raised by the wall

Having spent the majority of my life living in the Southwest, more than one issue about the infamous “wall” has left me confused.

The latest are a variety of news items concerning the Texas/Mexico section. From the El Paso to the Brownsville area, the border is the center of the Rio Grande. (Side story: Look up information on the Chamizal treaty in the 1960s.) The stories led me to believe any physical “wall” will be located on U.S. soil, not in the middle of the river. That “soil” will be a combination of land donated, purchased, and/or from eminent domain. So, if people from non-U.S. locations cross past the middle of the river, are they then already on U.S. soil and covered by current immigration rules? Can they then claim asylum and stay in the U.S. until they are processed through the legal system?

Joseph Parker

Fort Wayne

Stats make it clear: You should live here

On Feb. 1, Brian Francisco wrote an excellent article that deserves another look.

If you happened to miss it, one quote is key. “A household earning roughly $87,000 a year is considered wealthy in Fort Wayne, according to a financial advice company.”

While I could certainly wax philosophical about relative wealth and how health and family are the true measures of prosperity or digress into the necessary topics of income inequality (which is very high here in Fort Wayne) and systemic road blocks gatekeeping higher-earning positions, I would rather look at the brightest side of this information.

With an average cost of living 12 percent lower than the national average, growing cultural opportunities, anything you could want nearby, not to mention all of the charm of Midwest hospitality: Why don't you live here?

Perhaps the irony of sending this to a local paper is that it is quite literally preaching to the choir, but our city should be a magnet for talent from around the nation. A recent conversation within my Twitter circle pointed out the reality that a person living in the Midwest can fly to Los Angeles and stay in a hotel for three days, 48 weeks out of the year and still be spending less than someone who lives in the suburbs of that city.

Telecommuters and work-from-home positions should be everywhere. What a fabulous asset to our community that is so very hard to see from within. “Why don't you live here” is a question we should all be asking and talent- acquisition professionals should be pushing. Hard.

Dane Leitch

Fort Wayne

Proud grandmother gets surprise at Meijer

On Feb. 2, I was shopping at Meijer on Maysville Road around 1 p.m. I was in line behind a really nice lady.

We were conversing and I was bragging about what a wonderful grandson I have.

Much to my surprise, after she checked out, she said goodbye and to tell my grandson to keep being wonderful. She had paid for my groceries! It was quite a substantial amount.

Thank you so much for your act of kindness. Being retired on Social Security, it sure helped me.

I will pass the kindness on.

Anna Ferris 

Fort Wayne