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  • Michelle Davies | The Journal Gazette Construction crews work to position MamaJo, the Tunnel Boring Machine, over the working shaft of Fort Wayne's deep rock sewer tunnel. The cutterhead, weighing 200 tons and 16 feet long, was hoisted down the 220-foot working shaft. The machine moves 3 feet per hour, with an optimum of 72 feet per day, 5 days a week.

Friday, February 08, 2019 1:00 am


Libraries' shifting focus a disservice to public

I was sad to read about the Allen County Public Library getting rid of so many books. I have always thought Indiana had very good library systems, but I guess they are going the way of other states.

As a librarian in Ohio, it has broken my heart to see the changes in our libraries all around the state. The new idea is to have “community centers” instead of book depositories.

Some directors believe that having any classic literature is a waste of money; patrons can get them from an interlibrary loan. The problem is that if all libraries get rid of core materials, there will be none to loan. Also, directors are going to all e-books instead of paper copies, but I believe patrons should have a choice of both.

I think it is wrong for a library to get rid of books, change their service policy and not make the public aware. Our libraries in Ohio don't even have reference materials available. It is a sad aspect of what some people call “progress.”

Karen Deemer

Edgerton, Ohio

FWCS got it wrong on keeping students safe

It was with great interest that I read the article on Jan. 29 about closing schools because of extreme cold.

As far as I am concerned, educators have only two jobs. Their absolute first job is to educate our children to the best of their ability. Their second job is to keep our children safe. In this day and age, it might be more important than the first.

I know canceling school is a difficult decision and cannot be taken lightly or done too quickly. However, in light of how cold it was, without the wind chill factor, it would appear that only one superintendent got it wrong. I don't know what's wrong with Fort Wayne Community Schools' Wendy Robinson. Maybe she thinks it is a sign of good leadership. The only thing she did was put the lives and well-being of the children and her employees in danger.

The song and dance you get if you call to complain is that if you feel it is too bad for your child to get to school, you have the right to keep them home with no penalty. The only problem is that there will always be two penalties. The first is that if your child is striving to earn perfect attendance, it won't happen. Second, the child can never really make up the classroom instruction they miss.

Here are three suggestions for Robinson and FWCS. The next time it gets this cold, or close to this cold, instead of staying in a nice, warm car or office, stand with some children who are waiting for a bus that is late because of problems because of the cold weather. Second, walk with the student(s) who have the farthest distance to walk to school. Last, answer the phone and talk to the parents who are calling in to complain instead of letting a poor secretary take the heat.

Without a doubt, FWCS officials need a dose of reality.

Larry Davis

Fort Wayne

Tunneler a Mama; that's only fitting

On the news that MamaJo, the tunnel boring machine, is being lowered into the ground:

You have been training for this for a long time. You are set to go on a 5-mile trek through the underground of our shared collective living space.

Thank you for cleaning our sewers. Thank you for being so strong. You will bore through rock; you will bore through river dirt; you will create a life-giving tunnel to help keep us healthy. Of course, you are a woman! Thank you, MamaJo!

Monica Wehrle

Fort Wayne