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Thursday, January 31, 2019 1:00 am


Decades of energy neglect make action now urgent

This is an open apology to our young citizens for having failed to secure a livable planet for the future and a heartfelt thank you to ecological-minded people who have tried to save our Mother Earth. Only a miracle will now enable a political will and find a method of pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere much faster than we are releasing it.

In 1978, the 95th Congress and President Jimmy Carter passed a resolution designating May 3 as “Sun Day” in response to the growing movement for solar energy. In Bloomington, Indiana, we organized a big celebration and filled IU's Dunn Meadow with support for the transition to clean, renewable energy. There as a youthful activist, I set up a reflective solar panel to sizzle and serve locally produced tofu.

Ronald Reagan then took power and, like Donald Trump, undermined federal government support for the photo-voltaic revolution. Big business had an unreasonable fear of the loss of “base load” centralized power, and we were forced to pour trillions of public and consumer dollars into fossil fuels and nuclear power instead of sun power.

The scions of unbridled carbon pollution should voluntarily give all their assets for reinvesting into a last-ditch environmental emergency response to the climate chaos, loss of biodiversity and many related ills upon us. Those who continue to hold us in bondage to the inefficient and polluting energy systems in which we have been entrapped should be arrested, tried and convicted of ecocide and related crimes.

The Anthropocene end times can be rolled over if we keep the higher values of love of one another, faith in solidarity of action toward rapid rebuilding of our economy around the energy transition, and hope for an effective idea of how to quickly pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

Howard Traxmor

Fort Wayne

Black, Native American racism condoned by left

Regarding the incident at the march for life in Washington, D.C., the teens from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky were bullied and intimidated and called the most vile names by a black Hebrew group.

The teens had done absolutely nothing to bring on this display of black racism, hate and intolerance.

Then a native American, in another display of bullying, intimidation, racism and intolerance, played his drum right in the face of one of the teens.

What about it, readers, do we denounce and condemn black and native American racism as much as we do white racism, or do we just support left-wing politics?

These boys from Kentucky were hated not because of anything they had done but because they are white, because they are Christian, because they support President Trump and because they are pro-life, all groups that are hated and despised by the progressive left.

These teenagers from Covington Catholic were not bullied and hated because of anything they had done but because of who they are.

Is this now what we have sunken to as a nation?

David Carroll


Trump's Cabinet not 'wealthiest ever'

Regarding the Jan. 25 Associated Press article “White House struggling with empathy,” the comment that Donald Trump has the “wealthiest Cabinet ever assembled” is not true. In Barack Obama's second term he selected Penny Pritzker as his secretary of commerce. Her net worth of $2.2 billion alone is almost as big as Trump's whole Cabinet. If The Journal Gazette is going to pull something off the wire, please double check the accuracy of the information. No wonder the general public no longer trusts the media as a whole.

Scott Habben