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Wednesday, January 30, 2019 1:00 am


President's moral vacuity should worry lawmakers

Immoral: Contrary to established moral principles, corrupt, unethical, wicked, dishonest. Amoral: Neither moral nor immoral, lacking moral sensibility, not knowing right from wrong.

I do not know whether the current president is immoral or amoral. Giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he is amoral. If so, perhaps he does not know it is wrong to lie. Perhaps he does not know it is wrong to sexually assault, harass, bully and denigrate women. Perhaps he does not know it is wrong to bully and denigrate people with a disability, young people, old people, Native Americans, people of color, people who are ... simply different from him.

Perhaps he does not know it is wrong to denigrate the free press, the FBI, the CIA, democracy and our Constitution. Perhaps he does not know it is wrong to commit acts of terror, removing children from their families and warehousing them in facilities that are akin to internment camps. Perhaps he does not know it is wrong to mortgage our grandchildren's future by denigrating science. Perhaps he does not know it is wrong to coddle autocrats whose goal is to destabilize our democracy.

The list goes on. However, if the current president does recognize that the actions listed above are wrong, then he is not amoral; he is immoral.

Rep. Jim Banks, Sens. Mike Braun and Todd Young and the current vice president frequently espouse Hoosier values. Yet they are silent, complacent and thus complicit toward the amorality/immorality of the current president. Based on their response to the current president's perfidious actions, they must believe amorality/immorality to be a Hoosier value.

I pray they have courage to take a stand for Hoosier (American) values to resist and reject the amorality/immorality of the current president.

Steve Etheridge


Community's generosity keeps Kate's Kart stocked

Kate's Kart would like to thank the customers of the Barnes and Noble bookstores at Glenbrook Square and Jefferson Pointe for donating 4,804 new children's books during the Holiday Book Drive. Thanks to the generosity of the Fort Wayne community, these books will go to brighten the day of sick and hurting children. Monthly, Kate's Kart gives out more than 3,500 new books to children in 20 area hospitals. We would not be able to do this without the generous support of the Fort Wayne community.

Andrew Layman

Fort Wayne

Lying leaders require daily fact checking

I watched the president deliver remarks concerning the temporary resolution of the shutdown. Regardless of one's political affiliation, an objective viewer/listener could not escape noticing that there was a veritable trove of factual errors (perhaps, even, deliberate misrepresentations) in the president's presentation.

I would be inordinately happy if responsible organs like The Journal Gazette would undertake to feature, on the front page, a fact check when our leaders present us with data that are demonstrably at variance with reality. In fact, given the enormous degree to which we are daily bombarded with lies, untruths and half-truths, the print media would be performing a service of inestimable value by going through such an exercise daily. That would give us some idea of the extent to which our leaders, regardless of party, are leveling with us or giving us a snow job.

Such a feature would focus on data that are strictly factual, not matters of opinion (e.g., the number of criminal migrants apprehended each day at our borders). 

Richard D. Whissen

Fort Wayne