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Tuesday, January 08, 2019 1:00 am


Dragster dumptruck? City's drivers should know better

The day after Christmas, our city street department sent a work crew to our northwest addition (Longwood) to pick up leaves. There was a dump truck, a loader and a sweeper that comprised the cleanup crew. They arrived fairly early in the morning and finished around noon.

My wife and I were sitting at our dining room table having lunch when she noticed the dump truck barrel down our side of the street at a very high rate of speed. It was traveling so fast that the backdraft from the dump truck blew open the lid on our recycling bin, and some of the contents blew into our driveway and the yard. We thought at first that it might have struck the bin. I immediately ran out, but the truck was long gone by the time I got there, and I returned paper, cardboard and other refuse to the bin. There was no sight of any other members of the crew.

I called the 311 city help line to report the incident and register my complaint about the driver. The lady who took my call was very polite and empathetic. I gave her my name and address. I guess I was expecting too much hoping for a call from the department explaining why one of their drivers was using his dump truck as a dragster that day. In a hurry to get the job done and go on to another neighborhood, maybe? Still not an acceptable excuse considering the risk he was taking. I am more than disappointed that a city employee could act so irresponsibly!

Mike Evans

Fort Wayne

Coverage of flu death at border shows media bias

Statistics show that thousands – and sometimes, tens of thousands – of American citizens die from the flu each year. The media treats this toll as just another statistic – if it is reported at all. Yet, when one illegal immigrant who is in our custody perishes from the same cause, it becomes a headline story.

With all due respect to the decedent, and sympathy to the family, this circumstance provides yet more evidence of the deplorable and vindictive mindset of the mainstream media propaganda machine. If you disagree, I have one question for you to ponder: Would any mention of this death been presented by the media, if Obama (or any Democrat) was president? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Warren Mead


America a melting pot

I am an 86-year-old American citizen. I have English, Irish, German and American Indian blood in me. I feel that man-made wall between us and Mexico is totally and absolutely Anti-American policy.

James E. Luckey

Fort Wayne

State Senate leader should not stall on hate crime bill

Two issues puzzle me about Senate President Pro Tem Rodric Bray's reassignment of all proposals for hate crime legislation to the Senate's Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee, which he oversees, “until our caucus has the opportunity to fully discuss each proposal.”

First, it's difficult to understand how he can justify further stalling the advancement of this legislation, which repeatedly has been proposed and discussed. Secondly, I would like him to clarify why he thinks that Hoosiers are less deserving of adequate protection from hate-induced injury or defamation than people in 45 other states with hate crime laws.

I strongly urge him to listen to our governor and the majority of Hoosiers backing this legislation and send it out of committee for a fair vote.

Shirley A. Glade

North Manchester

Year-end review enjoyed

I greatly enjoyed Dave Barry's column on Dec. 31. Truth and humor combined.

Dave Wolff