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Monday, January 07, 2019 1:00 am


'Radical right'  keeps impressive company

Conservatives supporting a constitutional government limited in power and scope, individual responsibility, low taxes, respect for the flag and respect for life are labeled radical far right. If that is radical, I'm in good company (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, to name a few). If this be radical, then make the most of it.

Rick Weldy

Fort Wayne


US troops stranded in unwinnable morass

Americans have the rare opportunity to end the war on terror. Ideologies cannot be eradicated militarily. We create new enemies with each bomb and bullet.

All this death, destruction and trillions of dollars wasted began when President George H.W. Bush failed to say “no” to Saddam Hussein's proposed incursion into Kuwait in 1990. The United States was without an enemy to justify our military budget after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Pentagon insiders referred to war with Iraq as “Operation Budget Shield.”

We used the threat of Iraq to deceive the king of Saudi Arabia into approving American military bases in his country. Resentment of these bases led to attacks on our embassies in Africa and the USS Cole.

We failed to understand people who felt their sovereignty and religion were violated by our bases. We chose to respond to Sept. 11, 2001, with the collective punishment of war instead of dealing with the criminal act.

It is pointless to pursue a military solution with the troops remaining in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

No one should be surprised that President Trump is doing what he outlined in his campaign.

Syria is not a civil war. A civil war is a “war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country.” More than a quarter million Jihadis from more than100 countries have attacked the Syrian Arab Army.

Syria, Russia and Iran don't need us to deal with the remnants of ISIS. We cannot demand that our sovereignty be respected while we violate the sovereignty of other countries.

Destroying and poisoning cities makes people hate us. Our ill-fated attempt to overthrow the Assad government will be causing birth defects and childhood cancers for tens of thousands of years.

Americans need to look beyond the interests of our military-industrial complex. People should be asking how Raytheon missiles shipped to Saudi Arabia found their way to ISIS in Syria. We have no idea where these powerful weapons will be used.

Placing our troops in unwinn-able situations is not support. It is time to bring our troops home.

Tim Tiernon

Fort Wayne for Peace


JEERS to the person who about 5 p.m. on Christmas Day, at Wallen Road and Center Street, shot and killed our cat across from our house. He was not hurting you in any way. It was cruel of you to do that, especially on Christmas Day, and it's also illegal to shoot a firearm from a moving vehicle.

Shortly after shooting him, our daughter, her partner and four grandchildren had to find this dead-on-the-road tragedy as they were leaving our Christmas gathering. All were crying as we scooped up our loved one into a bag. Thanks for the memories! God will be watching for you and so will we.

Cindy K. Smith

Fort Wayne