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Saturday, January 05, 2019 1:00 am


Electoral process chance to make difference here

Following the tumultuous and rather painstaking election of 2018, voters will again go to the voting booth in November to choose the best candidates for mayor, City Council and city clerk in Fort Wayne, as well as in New Haven.

While turnout for the municipal elections in the past has been low, these elections are a chance for the voters to make real change in the city. No decision made either in Washington, D.C., or in Indianapolis will affect lives in the city like a decision made at Citizens Square. Decisions on taxes, spending for parks, spending for the police and the fire departments, infrastructure spending, riverfront spending and the decision to keep Red River as the city's main garbage company have all been made by the mayor and City Council.

I know from talking to many aspiring candidates and soon-to-be-declared candidates that most voters are not content with many decisions that have been made here.

I implore every person with a grievance to reach out in the coming months to candidates. Do not be surprised if these candidates are your neighbors or even your co-workers. There are many in the city who are taking a step forward in the political world to help address the issues facing the city. We are a community filled with people who are willing to go the extra mile to help others; this applies to most who will be seeking office in November.

If you want to see real change in the Summit City, engage with those trying to make a difference in your community. Reach out to those in your district who are trying to work for you, tell them how you view certain issues and, most importantly, get out and vote.


Fort Wayne

Breakfast bill of $0 bolsters notion of good

What a surprise to find that our breakfast bill had been paid at Sara's on Dec. 10. Thank you to the thoughtful individual. This was our first such experience, and it reinforced our feeling that there is good in this world.



Lots of promises made, but were they kept?

Here we sit in a government shutdown and a mess of government turmoil because of a campaign promise that has to be kept to satisfy a base of 35 percent of the country. That means 65 percent of the country doesn't want it. And, oh, yeah, Mexico will pay for the wall.

Let's look at promises made and kept or not.

1. I will not be taking vacations or be playing golf as there is too much work to be done. Kept or not?

2. Steel mills will be opening to produce steel that will be greatly in demand. Kept or not?

3. Coal mines will be opening and miners will be going back to work because of increase in demand. Kept or not?

4. We are going to destroy Obamacare and have the greatest health care; it will be beautiful. Kept or not?

5. Tax cuts will be beautiful for everybody. Kept or not?

6. We will be stronger in the world. Kept or not?

I welcome any rebuttal by anyone who can use actual facts and not cite things done by executive order as these can be done away with by a simple swipe of a pen by the next president. 

I hope Donald Trump keeps one promise – drain the swamp. Wait, that's impossible because a questionable person always surrounds himself with the like kind of people. I am 71 years old and have never seen so many Cabinet members who have had to resign because of scandals.

John Steinbacher

Fort Wayne