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Friday, January 04, 2019 1:00 am


Reporting police misdeeds is in public interest

David Carroll (Letters, Dec. 26) seems to believe that reporting police abuses is a Democratic conspiracy to make all officers look bad. Not reporting vicious murders by police officers is not the way news is reported here. Most officers are dedicated and honest. Some are not.

Don't blame liberals for the bad guys. Get rid of them. We all stand behind the good guys.

Roger Blansit


Acting in others' interests will restore US greatness

There was a boy who had to be better than everyone. He spent most of his time making fun of others. He would bully anyone who was smaller than he was. He always tried to prove he was smarter than everyone else, and he would spread rumors about nice people to make people think less of them. The only people he was nice to or hung around with were people he could feel superior to. Everything he did was to further his own reputation and to throw dirt on the reputations of others around him. His name was Donald.

Here's something our president should think about:

Often our own egos and insecurities cause us to think more about ourselves than others. We allow pride to interfere with what we know is right and good. Christ bowed down to wash the feet of his disciples. He went so far as to die a criminal's death on our behalf. If God could give so much of himself for us, why should it be difficult for us to sacrifice a little of ourselves for others?

When we give our lives to satisfying our own selfish needs rather than the needs of others, then we practice a deceit. When we learn to live our lives for others, and we work to make peace instead of causing discord, we become someone who can be looked up to and respected.

Let us pray that our sitting president and this new Congress can find it in their hearts to think of others and this great country before thinking of their own selfish desires. Let's hope that in the coming days this country can get back on track and once again become the America that is looked to and respected by the rest of the world, and make this great country a place where everyone can say he's so proud to be an American.

The president needs to turn off his tweeter and think before he acts.

J.D. Smith

Fort Wayne

'Porch pirates' can be easily thwarted

My solution to the “porch pirate “ problem is to create a bin that you attach to your porch. The bin is open until someone places a package in it and closes the lid, which then automatically locks. Problem solved.

Thomas J. Ackmann

Fort Wayne

Let Trump, boosters finance his wall

As a taxpayer, I resent that our money will be used to build the wall on our border with Mexico. For more border security people, all right. Hopefully, those people will be bilingual.

If President Trump wants a border wall, he can pay for it. Surely, his supporters will help out financially. Mike Braun could throw in a million or so. Would Fox News contribute? Maybe they can get a bank loan to make up the difference.

Melinda W. Capozza