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The Journal Gazette

Thursday, January 03, 2019 1:00 am


Time for those in Mideast to fight for themselves

Now that the president is going to pull our troops out of Syria, that's the best thing that could happen.

He needs to go with more withdrawals from that God-forsaken land and save our American lives. Those countries need to suck it up and start fighting for themselves and stop relying on the U.S. We aren't the world's peacekeeper, although everyone seems to think so.

The best thing we could do is get out of the Mideast – just supply training and support, do not do their fighting for them.

We've lost too many troops already. Enough is enough; bring them home except for  a small group of training and support personnel.

I'm a veteran, and I believe what the president is doing is going to be better for both sides, whether anyone likes it or not.

We need to save American lives. Keep up the good work, Mr. President. Thank you.

Robert Hart

Fort Wayne

Illegal immigration fans should foot the bill

Let those who support and believe in illegal immigration pay for them out of their own pockets. Let them pay for their medical care, food, housing, schooling and assimilation into society and not use the tax money we pay. Let the houses of charity and anyone else who wants to cover the cost, leave the tax money used for assistance for those here legally, and natural-born and naturalized citizens. Let's see how long those who support illegal immigration will continue to pony up before they say enough – cross at the proper place or don't come in at all.

Richard Burridge

Fort Wayne

No need for destruction of any library book

I was once informed that the Allen County Public Library will never dispose of its only or its last copy of an item, but I fear that this policy may be changed if it has not been changed already.

In my opinion, the library could better interact with potential buyers before sending discarded items to the shredder. Physical sales are conducted for only a limited number of days and require a buyer to make herself available in person at those times.

This is acceptable for Phase One of a sales effort, but to abandon unsold titles after that event leaves money on the table and neglects an additional opportunity to find a new home for the material.

Because the library's catalog is digitized, it should be relatively easy to migrate unwanted items to an electronic sales or internet auction platform. This would put the items into a marketplace of thousands of potential buyers and book lovers, not limited to a specific time and physical place.

I travel frequently, and my full-time employment may prevent me from attending a specific local sale, but I can participate in an online sales event whether I am in town or have a conflict between working time and the sales time.

The library currently owns a book in a field that is not widely popular, and I am sure that I am the only patron who has checked out the book in a decade or more. However, that book is signed by the author and it would certainly sell – perhaps at a premium – in the electronic marketplace if not sold first in the local events. It would be a shame for this item and others like it to end up at the shredder for lack of a local buyer at the physical sale.

If the library determines that this suggestion for internet sales would not produce net revenue over the additional associated expenses, the library should donate the remainders to one or more of the several charities that currently sell discarded books in this manner.

Kenneth Athon

Fort Wayne