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Monday, December 31, 2018 1:00 am


Monetary giveaway good lesson for season

One of the members of our Bible study at Renaissance YMCA gave each member an envelope with these instructions. “Enclosed find $30. $10 is for you, $20 is for you to give someone who you think needs it or would be encouraged to receive it. It should not go to a church or institution.”

Later, members shared their experiences. Each felt it was an important assignment and really thought about whom they should give the money to. All gave the entire $30, keeping nothing for themselves.

We all found it to be an interesting experience for the Christmas season.

Neil Sowards

Fort Wayne

'Santamas' would help keep Christmas holy

As we approach the traditional date of Jesus' birthday, the plastic cards are lifted from our wallets to a status of activity that dwarfs the past year's total production of instant money. It is during this time of the year that spending limits are disregarded. It is the responsibility of every decent individual to give with no thought to monetary boundaries. The Santa season helps to sustain the retailers while sustaining and increasing the debt of so many families.

It is wonderful to give, but must it always be materialistic? The motive behind so many “gifters” is that they are obligated to fulfill the mandatory requirements of giving or they will be labeled a scrooge or worse. Many people look at this time of the year as a time of caring, displayed through “care” presents wrapped up in colorful paper. I wonder how much thought is given to picking out the right gift or gifts?

I guess the length of the return lines will answer that question. Some people judge the worth of a present by its monetary value instead of its usefulness or the thought behind the gift. Children will rip apart the wrappings that took hours to prepare then proclaim, “Is that all?” It seems the presents are the reason for the season.

It might sound like I am cynical, but what bothers me is that we have allowed Santa to occupy center stage while Jesus has been pushed aside. “He... He... He...” has given way to “Ho Ho Ho.” I have no problem with a Santa-centered holiday, but why does it have to be on the same day we celebrate Jesus' birthday? I know that Dec. 25 is probably not the date of Jesus' birth, but through unified consensus, Christians have agreed on this date as the time to celebrate his arrival.

There are people who do not want to celebrate something they don't believe in, and I don't have a problem with that, but don't try to take away or diminish what I believe in. Why can't we have “Santamas” in January and leave Christmas for Jesus?

Paul Hoffmaster


Piece on shutdown leaned to the left

The headline over an Associated Press article on Dec. 21 read, “Demand for wall portends closure.” And the opening sentence reiterated the position that President Donald Trump's demand will cause a government shutdown.

But why? Would it not be just as accurate to state that Sen. Chuck Schumer's defiance of border security will cause the shutdown? Why such a slant on Page One?

This opinion piece, disguised as a news article, belongs on page eight with the others. Please, at least try to keep the front page free of left-leaning pieces so I don't need to rotate the paper just to read them.

Kenton Guenin

New Haven