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Thursday, November 08, 2018 1:00 am


Daylight saving time to blame in deaths

When Mitch Daniels ran for governor, he did not let residents know that one of his top priorities was to put Indiana on daylight saving time. He kept this secret because he knew that a very high majority of Indiana residents did not want it.

And if they knew it, he would not have had any chance at all of getting elected.

And Daniels knew the top reason Indiana residents did not want daylight saving time is that it puts the lives of our children at risk by standing at their bus stop in the dark waiting for the school bus.

I'm not taking away any blame from Alyssa Shepherd because she didn't stop for a stopped school bus. School buses have so many flashing lights you cannot miss them. But the sunrise on Oct. 30 was at 8:09 a.m. and the accident was at 7:15 a.m.

If Daniels hadn't put Indiana on daylight saving time against the will of the residents sunrise would have been at 7:09 a.m. and Shepherd most likely would have seen the children and stopped. 

Jim Trowbridge

Fort Wayne


CHEERS to everyone involved who helped us fly 340 very deserving veterans to Washington, D.C. on our four Honor Flights in 2018. Special thanks to Col. Michael Stohler and all the members of the 122nd Fighter Wing for the use of their facility for assembly and sendoff on flight mornings. Thanks also to Ryan Bauer at Fort Wayne International Airport for the use of the terminal for the large welcome home and to Pat Miller from WOWO-AM for getting people out to greet our veterans home.

We are also grateful to all the contributors that make our flights possible. We live in a very benevolent community. Special thanks to the three full-flight sponsors in 2018. They were Fort Wayne Ballroom, Janet Geib and Commercial Warehouse & Cartage. Also a very special CHEER to our veterans as we near the observance of Veterans Day. They are the ones who sacrificed so much for the freedom we all enjoy.

Max Robison

Vice president, Honor Flight Northeast Indiana

Fort Wayne


With such gullibility, Trumpers indefensible

I see that Donald Trump, Fox News, and most Republicans are calling the “caravan” the “invasion force.”

Trump has sent 5,200 troops to join the 2,000 troops already there to save us from the 4,000 or so mostly teenage boys, women, children and a few fathers, all seeking asylum. Fox News claims the “invaders” are bringing life-threatening diseases to kill us, such as smallpox and leprosy.

Never mind that there has not been a case of smallpox anywhere on the planet since 1984 and there has been a cure for leprosy since 1981.

Trump says the “invaders” are full of MS13 gang members, Middle Easterners and criminals. Not one iota of proof for any of their accusations.

This is fear-mongering hyperbole to rally Trump's gullible xenophobic base.

It is sad that Republicans and Fox News have to resort to lies to gain votes, but it is despicable that they do so knowing that such hate-mongering has already resulted in hate crimes in Pittsburgh and Kentucky in just the last few days, let alone the attempted assassination of numerous leading Democrats and CNN personnel. Now Trump has promised to put an end to the constitutionally protected citizenship for anyone born in the United States.

I used to defend Trump supporters, but I can no longer do so.

Steven Dale Smith

Fort Wayne