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Thursday, October 11, 2018 1:00 am


Lifetime of service merits Duff's re-election

Re-electing Anne Duff to our Fort Wayne Community Schools board is an easy choice.

Anne is passionate about children, energetic in her pursuit to acquire their best advantages, and deeply committed to serving our community. She has served our school system for many years in multiple capacities – as a teacher, guidance counselor, parent advocate for her own three children and as a pro-active member of the school board.

Anne is sensitive to parents' concerns and works hard to listen and respond when offered a challenge. She's knowledgeable about the Indiana education system because she's spent her professional career working with others to provide our kids with resources that enable them to achieve to their fullest potential. And, Anne is invested in bringing the brightest possible future to our community so as to encourage growth and opportunity in our region.

I'm proud to endorse Anne Duff and I hope you will give her your vote on Nov. 6.

Sia Faulk

Fort Wayne 

Lawmakers ignore pleas of model plane hobbyists

I am stunned Sen. Todd Young and Rep. Jim Banks voted for the 2018 Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill, especially as the Academy of Model Aeronautics is based in their own state! The academy is the official body for model aviation hobbyists in the USA. The academy and its 195,000 members have an impeccable safety record.

Their votes have made the FAA the governing body for my small, radio-controlled planes. Now I am to be subjected to costly, cumbersome and ridiculous new regulations. Here's just a quick sample:

• The new resolution prohibits flying above 400 feet, even in areas previously approved. This will mean the loss of many international competitors/visitors to Indiana and other locations across the USA.

• “The operator must pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test ... and maintain proof of test passage ...” I have been flying safely for more than 40 years. This test is not even designed yet.

• With no justification, academy members can no longer fly over 400 feet in class G. This will harm or kill our sailplane, turbine, aerobatic, free flight and large-model aircraft communities and competitions. The 400-foot cap also excludes U.S. hobbyists from participating in or hosting many world aeromodeling events.

• There are testing mandates, which raise many concerns. Federal and state regulations could hinder youth from participating in the testing requirement, denying them enjoyment of our hobby.

• The bill stifles youth involvement in STEM education. All of the academy's language to protect middle school and high school STEM aeromodeling was removed.

It is apparent Young and Banks rubber-stamped a bill they never fully understood. Nor did they take heed of the comments  received via email and phone calls from numerous model aviation enthusiasts.

Roger M. Bayford

Columbia City

On health care, Donnelly is for Hoosiers

Hats off to everyone who has contacted our politicians about issues. I, too, have contacted Joe Donnelly, Jim Banks and Todd Young all about keeping pre-existing conditions as part of our health insurance.

I have repeatedly contacted Young with no response. Banks admitted that he will leave it up to the states. Curtis Hill, Indiana's attorney general, is in on the lawsuit in front of a Texas judge to remove it. Donnelly said he is totally behind keeping pre-existing conditions.

My vote will be for Joe Donnelly.

Anne Howell


Letter deadline

Letters regarding the Nov. 6 election must be received by noon on Oct. 29 to be considered for publication.