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Friday, August 10, 2018 1:00 am


Debates essential

I just read the response Rep. Jim Banks' spokesman wrote to his opponent's request to schedule four debates (which is actually down from her original request of six debates). The number was reduced by Courtney Tritch because Banks has yet to answer her and time is running out.

The response, however, was actually very condescending and insinuated that his job, his family and his time were ever so much more important than hers. I found the response completely lacking anything that I want in an elected congressman.

I would like to see the debates. I want to know exactly what both of their stands are on immigration, the Dreamers, education and public schools, and health care, just to name a few. We deserve to have debates.

Banks should get moving and set these debates up so his constituents can vote for the person who will truly represent us all.

Claudia Casiano

Fort Wayne

Congress must counteract supply-side fantasy

As someone who leans to the left, there are times when I wish that when it came to economics of the United States, some of the beliefs of the conservative mindset were true and that their policies would benefit the entire populace. In reality, they flounder and benefit the super rich and trust fund class.

How nice it would be if it were true that when given tax breaks, corporations spent that money giving their employees raises. But they often don't. After the tax cuts were put in place last year by the GOP, some businesses did announce minor wage hikes. However, most of them had been scheduled to do so even before the tax cuts were put into effect. Many businesses also gave considerable raises to their employees before any tax cuts were given. Target, for example, announced in 2016 it would be raising its starting wage to $15, proving that corporate America can both pay a living wage to their employees and keep shareholders happy.

Who would have known?

I wish it were true that in the void of a national health care system, charity would be enough to cover the costs of health care for those who cannot afford to pay for regular treatments for disease. Once again, this belief is simply not true. How wonderful it would be if the goodwill of man were enough to ensure every cancer patient's treatment's costs. In practice, it doesn't. GoFundMe pages often do not come close to fulfilling the goals set, and churches often will not give charity without the expectation that the recipient owes them, often through a conversion to their denomination. This isn't goodwill. This is bribery.

For those who see the growing job numbers yet still feel left behind, it is absolutely imperative that you vote in the coming midterm election. Courtney Tritch understands that wages have stagnated while inflation continues to rise. Rep. Jim Banks believes  the GOP tax cuts have done wonders for the working class. They haven't. It is time to send to Congress someone who understands that supply-side economic theory has been, and always will be, sheer fantasy.

Keith Beaudin

Fort Wayne

A fair evaluation

I was surprised to learn in the Aug. 2 letter “'A Judge's Judge'” by Kenneth Krauter that he was empowered to speak for all “Hoosiers' will” in support of  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

I wish to assure Krauter that he certainly doesn't speak for my Hoosier will, and I suspect there are many other Hoosiers who don't support his “judge's judge” for a seat on the Supreme Court.

Sen. Joe Donnelly should do what he has already promised to do – fairly evaluate Kavanaugh and all his previous work before he makes a decision on his support.


Fort Wayne