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Monday, July 09, 2018 1:00 am


Donnelly's voice needed

I am hoping Sen. Joe Donnelly will help block any Supreme Court nominee proposed by President Donald Trump.

Trump means to choose his second appointee from a list made up almost entirely of individuals vetted by the Heritage Foundation. This group can be described as nothing other than extremist in their vocal repudiation of civil rights as we currently know them.

I have voted for Donnelly and will again, but I need my party to stand for my daughter, my fellow Americans and myself.

Kari Wurth



Religious leaders realize inhumanity of separations

President Donald Trump's policy to separate families to put children in cages is both inhumane and cries to heaven for vengeance.

An article in Today's Catholic entitled, “Bishops across US condemn separation, detention of migrant children” was excellent. I could not agree with it more. Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Fort  Wayne-South Bend Diocese concurred with his fellow bishops, stating that 'the separation of children from their parents is immoral, uncompassionate, and harmful to children.”

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio makes the point that children belong to their parent, not the government, and to steal children from their parents is sinful, immoral and evil. He added, “Their lives have already been extremely difficult. Why do we (as a nation) torture them even more, treating them as criminals?” And animals.

These children will probably suffer psychologically the rest of their lives. Is Trump going to pay for their therapy? Jesus continued to talk about, especially in his parables, living the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law.

I would suggest that Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions not try to interpret the Bible to justify their immoral acts; neither of them has a degree in theology.

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan said (in the above-mentioned article): “For one, St. Paul always says we should obey the law of government if the law is in conformity with the Lord's law, all right?” No pun intended, but God's law trumps man's law, all right?

I do give credit to Melania Trump for speaking out to put a stop to her husband's madness and insanity.

Jane Till

Fort Wayne


CHEERS to Angela Boerger for her thoughtful, compassionate letter, “Children's courage worth emulating,” on June 28.

CHEERS to Peter Iadicola for telling us the historical facts creating the need for these children's migration. His article, “What we've sown,” (July 1), illustrates the U.S. policies and our collective complacency and responsibility for this inhumane situation.

Joni Weber

Fort Wayne