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Sunday, July 08, 2018 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Trade wars' curtain rapidly descending

A gold curtain, like its predecessor, the Iron Curtain, is forming between the East and West. A new Cold War has mutated from the enforcement of U.S. global hegemony. The U.S. government has invested disproportionately in military solutions while developing countries struggle with the basics. The results are glaring deficits all around, a monumental failure in economic planning from slow development of public mass transit in the US to about 70 million refugees worldwide fleeing the lack of compassionate solutions.

Now comes the Trump administration with a faux fair trade policy that slaps tariffs on metals and pumps up other economic sanctions to serve narrow interests and hammer a political wedge into our economically stressed citizenry. Real fair trade is based on peaceful competition, and holistic solutions where the government does not pick winners and losers, rather sets a level playing field that protects workers, the environment and the developmental needs of all.

The history of trade wars is the context to understand violent wars. But we must do better than free trade as nations reject U.S. hegemony. A new arms race is running hot with record debt for military defenses instead of maximizing renewable energy infrastructure. The rising U.S. debt is exposed to the economic perversion of militarism and the realignment of trust from the dollar to gold and other reserves. We must now adopt real fair trade treaties for all trade. Free trade is not free, it is paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of workers everywhere. To be fair, trade must respect those at the bottom and bring down the walls of gold.

Howard Traxmor

Fort Wayne

CHEERS  to all the participants and supporters who contributed their time, effort and financial support toward the 35th Annual Bill Smith Golf Outing May 24 at  Autumn Ridge Golf Course. The fundraising event was conducted by the Fort Wayne Central Lions Club. The funds are distributed to four not-for-profit organizations that provide programs and services to the blind and vison-impaired. CHEERS to them, too: The League, Matthew 25/Vision Clinic, Audio Reading Service and Leader Dog for the Blind.

In 1925, Helen Keller challenged the Lions of the world to become “her knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.” For 34 years the Fort Wayne Central Lions Club has tackled that challenge through our 'Better Vision for Northeast Indiana.” The financial support is made possible by the annual golf outing.

We'd like to give our sincere thanks to all our “knights” from our community, beginning with our major corporate sponsors: Meijer, Parkview Health, NIPSCO, Belmont Beverage and Fire/Police City/County Federal Credit Union. Appreciation also goes to the ad contributors, donors for the silent auction and all the hard-working volunteers.

Because of your generosity, many of those who live in darkness will receive the specific assistance needed to improve their daily lives. On behalf of those who are not able to read this letter, and the four not-for-profit agencies that serve the blind and vision-impaired, we thank you again.

Sean Bushnell, Chair

Rosa A. Gerra, President

Fort Wayne Central Lions Club

Purdue inspiring confidence in split

I was initially not supportive of the IPFW split, but as time has gone on (and with IU being clear they did not want to continue the previous arrangement), I am pleased with what I have seen. With the leadership of the new chancellor, Ronald Elsenbaumer, and Purdue in general, it has become clear that the transition will succeed and PFW should flourish and be a bigger asset to Fort Wayne and northeastern Indiana.

Michael Engle


Trump's agenda meant to undo damage

This is in response to David Sowards' letter of June 30: “Trump's evil agenda mirrors dictatorship.”

A republic refers specifically to a form of government in which elected individuals represent the citizen body and exercise power according to the rule of law under a constitution, including separation of powers with an elected head of state, referred to as a constitutional republic or representative democracy.

This is exactly what Donald Trump is doing. He loves America and he's fixing what our previous president tried to destroy.

Dictators demand complete power with nobody opposing them. A great example of a dictatorship is in South America. Venezuela is a dictatorship and it's exactly what Sowards described  Trump as. They have absolutely nothing down there: no food, no water, no housing, no freedom and barely the clothes on their backs. If Venezuelan citizens oppose their dictator, they get shot or imprisoned.

When Sowards penned such a hate-filled letter, I can see what he is – an American socialist democrat! I bet he voted for Obama and Hillary! Please move to Venezuela and enjoy your “dictatorship.”

Harold Luttman

Fort Wayne

Shameful attempt to besmirch our nation

I'm trying to understand what message professor Peter Iadicola is sending in his Perspective piece of July 1 (”What we've sown”). Am I to feel ashamed of my country; of the decisions made by our leaders “over the last half of the twentieth century”? Am I to be ashamed of our military, as suggested by the statement regarding the civil wars in Central America that included “the military's widespread rape, torture and disappearance of people” in which “the United States was involved in every stage of the execution of these wars”?

It's  easy to edit pieces of history to one's own agenda – to pick and choose those points that support one's myopic view. There are no black-and-white issues. Most live in the land of grey, where not everyone agrees. Decisions are made based on the preponderance of good, the greater overall benefit for the majority of those affected.

I grow so very weary of the none-to-subtle message that I should be ashamed of my country, of my government, of the decisions we make. I grow so very weary of reading daily of the perceived mistakes and mis-steps – how bad our country is. If it's so bad, why do people attempt to enter illegally, knowing the consequences? But that brings up another subject for another day.

I am proud of my country! I am proud of the good we do across this small piece of dirt we call Earth. But to those who do nothing but find fault with my country, it is of you that I am ashamed. And to The Journal Gazette, which printed this on my July 4th weekend, shame on you!

Scott Habben


Sure seems like Banks ducking constituents

On June 19, I called my U.S. representative, Jim Banks, to vocalize my deep concerns about the U.S. governmental policy of separating children from their refugee parents who are seeking asylum. This was not the first time I have called to express my concerns to Rep. Banks, and I had also contacted my senators, Joe Donnelly and Todd Young.

It is the duty of Americans to hold their government accountable, and I appreciate the work of thousands of individuals and coalitions who helped to produce a reversal of this disastrous policy. The person with whom I spoke at Banks' office thanked me for the call and then asked me whether there was anything else she could help me with. I said yes, I would like to know Rep. Banks' schedule of upcoming town hall meetings with his constituents. Her reply was, “Is there anything thing else I can help you with?”

I repeated that I would like to know of any upcoming town hall meetings for Rep. Banks. Again, his staffer's response was, “Is there anything thing else I can help you with? I  stated that as a constituent, I would think the representative would want his constituents to attend these town hall meetings so he could hear their opinions and consider these in his legislative work. I reminded his staff that he represents me. One last time, I was asked, “Is there anything thing else I can help you with? “


Margaret Pahmier

Fort Wayne