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Friday, July 06, 2018 1:00 am


Failed socialist dogma

Now let's see. The far left wants open borders, no immigration law enforced, corporations brought down, massive taxes, toppling the very people providing jobs, declaring every institution that made this country the best in the world racist, bigoted and evil, destroying big oil, embracing totalitarian policies, embracing the ideals of Karl Marx, tuition-free education, universal health care, providing all citizens a base paycheck, with no thought of how to fund all this. Wow, sounds like every other failed socialist society.

Rick Weldy

Fort Wayne

Curbing gun violence begins with each of us

A recent Chicago Tribune editorial, reprinted in our Journal Gazette, provides us with stimulation for serious thought. The editorial cites some strong statistical gains achieved in recent battles to curb smoking in the U.S. It celebrates a combination of local ordinances, national laws and regulations, the combined establishment of public no-smoking areas, the raising of cigarette prices and the widespread publishing of the surgeon general's many warnings.

The editorial goes on to note that determined individuals and groups, laboring together over the past 30 years, mounted a similar, multi-pronged attack on drunk driving that has effected a one-third reduction of drunken driving deaths in the U.S. The editorial then asks whether a combined surge by researchers, health officials, local and national legislators (and I would add concerned citizens) might curb our epidemic of gun violence. 

I would propose that the major arenas in which genuine change is urgently needed are neither the White House nor Congress. Rather, they're closer to home, in ourselves, our family, our neighborhood and our community.

We have to see that squabbles in our families or communities are equitably and safely handled. We parents and grandparents have to decide whether our part in ending gun violence will be to refuse to give either toy or real guns to our children. Each gun owner must decide whether to unload, lock up and hide the gun we think we have to have, or just refuse even to own one for the sake of family, friends, curious children or disoriented loved ones.

Each of us has to decide what piece of the needed action to diminish gun violence we're ready to take on. Otherwise, we can just sit back, newspaper in hand, and turn up the TV, complaining all the while about what Congress or the president is failing to do.

Francis Frellick

Fort Wayne

Beacon for the world

I just read an article on Yahoo that tried to explain how the present situation on the border of separating children from their parents was not like the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II.

In today's world of nitpicking every detail to find a crack in an argument, I guess you could say that they aren't the same. How they are the same is how they look to the rest of the world.

I believe this country was created by God as an example to the rest of the world of what a free Christian nation looks like. When we stop practicing Christian ideals and stop acting like a democracy, whether it's from fear or convenience or money, then the world becomes less free and less Christian.

When there is no light to guide the rest of the world, the world falls into darkness.

Dennis Powell

Fort Wayne