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Monday, July 02, 2018 1:00 am


Ludicrous analogies undercut argument

Doug Schumick (“ 'Unchristian' policies maintain order, safety,” June 24) should try this thought experiment:

Imagine you have been agonizing for months about leaving everything you own and all that is familiar to you to escape the violence in your homeland. You finally decide this risk is worth it if you can save your children's lives.

You are not going to an amusement park for a day of cotton candy and joy rides. You are crossing the border. You are walking across a desert in grueling heat.

Imagine when you arrive that you wait for hours in line to be evaluated. You must convince the American authorities you are seeking refuge from unimaginable violence, intimidation and terror.

There is no “park store” in this place. You and your children are exhausted. Too exhausted to “insert” yourselves at the front of the line.

The presumptions Schumick makes are ludicrous. There is no religious label that deserves this analogy.

Imagine you are the father seeking refuge in this “amusement park.” Imagine those children are yours.

Peggy Gilbert

North Manchester


JEERS to stores that still card everyone for alcohol sales when the law says 40 and younger. I am 80; at best, this is an inconvenience and, at worst, insulting. It's not much different than a teacher punishing an entire class because one or more kids can't be trusted. The people at stores who make this policy would not tolerate a teacher doing this to their kids. Be reasonable and update your policy.


Fort Wayne


CHEERS to The Journal Gazette for its Focus inserts. The staff finds people with common jobs who do uncommonly great things in them. These are the people who make America great.

Jeffrey Olsen

New Haven


Keep cats indoors to protect garden

The article in the June 17 Home section, “How to keep kitty out of the garden,” touched on a few important reminders. However, not mentioned was the admonishment that is No. 1 on the Humane Society's list of how to keep pets healthy: “Keep cats indoors for their own safety.”

You may think kitty stays on your property, but how many dozen times have I seen somebody's cat pouncing on my visitors to the birdfeeder? (Some people call them “cat feeders.”) I don't relish finding headless goldfinches, woodpeckers and other coveted songbirds on my porch. Nor was the recent episode of being awakened early one morning to the racket of somebody's cat tearing into a nest of baby ovenbirds while the parents tried to cope with it.

I've also seen male cats spraying my flowers, which does kill the plant. Cats like the soft, loose dirt of a flowerbed to use as a litter box – but their urine and feces kill flowers. A few times, I have found cats bleeding to death or already dead in my flowerbeds, perhaps hit by a car or as the result of a catfight.

Sometimes, the whole reason for growing a garden is to attract the birds that eat the seeds of flowers, or to attract hummingbirds and monarch butterflies to flowers.

I've seen cats killing both hummingbirds and the endangered monarch.