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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 1:00 am


'National tragedy'

What the Trump administration is doing to families seeking asylum at the border is simply barbaric. There is no other word for it.

I know some people will say, “That's what they get for trying to cross the border illegally” or “It's the law.” But those people are wrong on both counts.

First, the immigrants in question are not trying to cross the border illegally; they are coming to established, legal border crossings, officially seeking asylum. Second, it's not the law to separate these children from their parents. It has never been the law. It's a new policy of the Trump administration meant to discourage people from legitimately seeking asylum.

Even if they were trying to cross illegally and it was the law to forcibly take children from their parents, it would still be barbaric because it terrorizes and traumatizes innocent children. Make no mistake about it. There are no guns or bombs involved, but the government of the United States of America is still making war on children. And that is a national tragedy we should all be ashamed of.

Candace Schuler

Fort Wayne

Unwarranted giveaway

If you owned property and you wanted to start a business on your property, would you ask the taxpayers to pay the start-up costs for your business?

Would you ask the taxpayers for $65 million?

Would you give taxpayers the impression that if they do not give you $65 million, you will tear down buildings with great historical significance on this property?

Here's a suggestion: Replace the current plan with something much smaller (about a third the size). Some of the projects included in the present plan will probably not be trending by the time they are completed.

If this were a good development, it would have been approved by now.

Why would you build subsidized “worker housing” on the property if the average salary at Electric Works will be $70,000 per year and the project is supposed to uplift the neighborhood?

The goal is to attract more jobs and tourists to Fort Wayne. What is there about Electric Works that stands out from other cities with similar developments? Why give away $65 million for a development similar to what is available in many other cities in the U.S.?

Judy Feichter

Fort Wayne 

Tax 'all about money'

All of you hybrid car owners will be shocked to open up your license plate renewal forms, only to find out you are now being blessed with a surcharge for the fact that you drive a hybrid car.

The basis for this insanity was a bill passed by the Indiana legislature because they claim hybrid car owners are not buying enough gas under the newly increased gas tax. This is next to insanity because they also want you to have a hybrid to reduce air emissions, yet you must be penalized for doing so. Are there no legislators left who can think or reason?

Furthermore, there are many smaller cars that get as good gas mileage per gallon as hybrid cars, but these cars are not being penalized even though they create greater air emissions than a hybrid car.

The legislators simply make rules without any intelligence about what they are passing. It wasn't long ago that the federal government was giving a taxpayer a credit on their taxes if they purchased a hybrid care. It is all about the money, not about what is right.

Allan Hyman