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Tuesday, June 12, 2018 1:00 am


Worthwhile investment

The proposed strategy to redevelop the GE campus by creating a private/public partnership deserves the support of our City Council and local government. Given the magnitude of funding required to redevelop this site, city involvement and support are essential to its success.

The Electric Works concept offers a number of benefits, including creating additional commercial and residential space, preserving the city's manufacturing heritage and creating new opportunities for young people. This redevelopment project will also extend the benefits of downtown's revitalization to neighborhoods south of the railroad tracks. In fact, all of Fort Wayne will benefit from a vital city core that creates jobs, slows the rate of suburban sprawl and generates long-term streams of tax revenue. If the 39-acre campus is allowed to become mired in local politics, the city will not only be saddled with the cost of policing the property but will also lose significant property tax revenue due to the reduced value of neighboring properties.

The City Council would be wise to invest in bringing a good thing back to life.

Steven Walter

Fort Wayne


Officer's selfless act

Fort Wayne should be proud of one of our most recognized police officers, Mike Joyner.

Officer Joyner took time out of his precious off-duty hours to help a member at Coyote Creek Golf Club who lost a very special bracelet. Not knowing the member, he immediately answered the call for help using his skills as an accomplished metal detector. This selfless effort is a fine example of what Officer Joyner, and many other officers do to be a part of our community. This is on top of the dangerous duties they undertake to serve and protect our community.

Thank you, Mike, and all of your fellow officers for your protection and your service.

Tim Sullivan

Fort Wayne


Ordination ignored

For some reason, I thought our newspaper was a local paper.

Other media outlets reported on the five men ordained to the priesthood at our Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. It was the largest ordination in Fort Wayne since the 1970s. But the morning following the ordination, our supposed local paper did not have one photo of this great event.

So very, very sad that historic and positive local news is forgotten by our one and only newspaper.

Claudia Thomas

Fort Wayne


CHEERS to Ann Kreamer for her letter on May 22 (“Public schools model strong moral code”). As a grandparent whose grandchild attended Indian Village Elementary School, she is spot on. The entire staff works tirelessly with every student every day. And as a parent of children who attended both parochial schools and Fort Wayne Community Schools, I would choose FWCS any day of the week. CHEERS to FWCS, too!


Fort Wayne