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Monday, June 11, 2018 1:00 am


We cannot neglect opioids' young victims

Indiana is in the top 10 states in the country for opioid addiction problems. Certainly, we are getting the message that we are in crisis and that something has to be done federally, statewide and locally. This does not even include all the other drug addictions that scar our adults.

This question then shouts through my mind: What are we doing federally, statewide and locally to help the children of these drug-addicted parents? Years of experience in public education prove to me that adults in crisis cause suffering for their children as well. Treating adults will not help the neurological and physical damage that adult addicts have caused their children (our children). Damage occurs with environmental causes as well when children live with drug-addicted adults.

Where is the money and programs to assist with this reality? We have close to a generation of kids who need more help than ever while our mental health and child services programs are strapped from providing proper assistance.

I'm asking that we remember the kids who are unfortunately damaged by this national opioid addiction and that we also decide to do something big and worthwhile for these future adults.


Fort Wayne


Careless collection

Please include my name with those who express dissatisfaction with the Red River Waste Collection.

My main complaint is the careless way the tubs are replaced when empty.

Mark Weber

Fort Wayne 


CHEERS to Hall's for renovating the Philmore on Broadway and presenting a supper club series on April 13.

Carolyn Martin & Friends (Patsy Cline tribute) performed, with chef Jeff Miller serving up a great meal.

Thanks to all the Hall's Restaurant employees involved and the talented musicians who made it a night of memories that I didn't want to come to an end.

The best part is (finding out) I can still see Carolyn perform every Wednesday evening at Hall's Guesthouse.


Fort Wayne


Proudly abortion-free

A study out of California recently looked at big cities and their proximity to abortion facilities. I was proud to see Fort Wayne listed as the second-largest city in America without an abortion facility, following only Corpus Christi, Texas.

I like to call our city “abortion-free,” though this study called towns without abortion “abortion deserts.” Whatever the name, I am proud of the work our community has done to build a culture of life. Since late 2013, when Fort Wayne's last abortion business closed, the rate of abortions on Allen County women is down 27 percent.

Our community hasn't forgotten about the women facing difficult pregnancies. Allen County still has five pregnancy resource centers and a mobile center, numerous pro-life doctors, Women's Health Link (which helps women find health services) and A Mother's Hope for homeless pregnant women, which is opening soon.

We are committed to helping both woman and child. Allen County Right to Life will continue to work tirelessly to keep Fort Wayne abortion-free and on the list of abortion deserts for years to come.

Abigail Lorenzen

Fort Wayne