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Thursday, June 07, 2018 1:00 am


Trash hauler 'has to go'

We have lived in Southwood Park for 36 years. Never, in all of those years, have we had a problem with trash pick-up until Red River took over. Everyone on our block had their trash out last Thursday night for a Friday pick-up. Our trash is still sitting out there, and it is Wednesday night. This in spite of the fact that a 311 operator told me on Tuesday morning (after the holiday weekend) that it would be picked up by sundown today. This company has to go. Fort Wayne citizens/taxpayers deserve better.

Mary Ann Oberholtzer

Fort Wayne

Plutocrat stranglehold has proven crippling

All taxes except a graduated income tax are regressive; that is, they assess poorer Americans at a larger percentage of their total income than they do the wealthy. Depending on the amount, the divergences can be dramatic.

A graduated income tax evens the playing field. Sure, the rich pay a large tax bill, but the amount should not evoke sympathy. When the top income-tax rate was 91 percent, everyone – rich and poor – ended up paying about 28 percent of their total income in taxes.

Then came the charlatan Ronald Reagan. He promised us the moon: lower taxes, a balanced budget and prosperity for all. The only thing that was true was lower taxes for the rich. The federal government cut revenue sharing to the states; states enacted regressive taxes; and the poor still ended up paying 28 percent or more. The top 1 percent in income taxes were down to about 19. He just threw the poor to the wolves.

The latest tax cut for the wealthy is obscene. One percent of the population gets $1.25 trillion; the rest of us get the other 13 percent. And it's a “middle class” tax cut? Trump's policies only benefit Trump – to the tune of more than $20 million this time. I wonder what percentage of their income the rich are now paying? Fifteen percent? Ten?

The GOP financed this by exploding the budget deficit. We are borrowing money from our great grandkids to give a humongous amount of money to people who do not need it so that we can take food and shelter from those who do. How does this make the Republican Party anything but a bunch of power-hungry, plutocratic hypocrites? 

Historically, unregulated capitalism produces extreme wealth and extreme poverty with little middle class. We are tearing down every regulation, control and safety net without vision of the consequences. To make a few very rich people richer, many of us are going to suffer.

Our government requires revenue. There is a chronic need for government assistance; not everyone is a deadbeat. The preamble of the Constitution has a clause to “promote the general Welfare.” The rest of us, the 99 percent with half of America's income, need to reclaim our government from the plutocrats. How we do that since they've gerrymandered and voter-suppressed the fairness out of our elections is beyond me.

Gaylen E. Twigg

Fort Wayne


Pets can prove problem

After reading the article in the May 22 Journal Gazette (“Taking dog shopping”), I would like to add another etiquette point. Pets should never be placed in carts used for food items, or on chairs in food establishments. Pet owners should also be aware there are  people allergic to dog and cat dander, so please keep them on the floor/ground to help others avoid difficulties. Or leave them at home if you can.

Stephanie Ross

Fort Wayne