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Tuesday, June 05, 2018 1:00 am


Where to kneel

If you wish to kneel, please find a church or, better yet, the foot of a grave of a soldier killed in action. Then beg forgiveness for your behavior.


Fort Wayne

Education missing in opioid battle

In my opinion, the first misstatement of your editorial (”Ruin wrought by opioid crisis is laid bare in new report,” May 27) is “Much of the problem may have started with overprescription and over- availability of painkillers.”

Key word, may. Really?

The opioid crisis was generated by unscrupulous and greedy pharmaceutical companies with medical professionals in full compliance and, I believe, both with full knowledge that the prescriptions were addicting.

The opioid epidemic is, of course “moving beyond opioids” as supplies diminish. Once you are addicted and can't get your drug of choice, you go elsewhere.

The addicts who are/were created by medical drug pushers are victims, in my opinion. They deserve help and rehab paid for by the billion-dollar drug companies and American Medical Association, not by taxpayers and citizen 12-step programs.

Among the questions not answered in the editorial, why is Indiana still above the national average for opioid prescriptions?

Is there a political component? I don't know, but they say, “follow the money.”

Crucial areas for action were cited as “prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery, enforcement.” Where is education?

We educate kids in sixth grade about safe sex. Education about addiction is at least as important if not more, in my opinion. I believe more young people will be affected by alcoholism and drug addiction and the loss of life that goes with them than STDs.

Addiction is real and with us and we don't need more studies to see the results; we need better education about addiction.

Insist that your elected representatives from the top to the local support addiction education (not statistic gathering).

Addiction effects everyone, sooner or later.

Nancy Vinson

New Haven

My solutions on guns

I would ban all automatic firearms and any device that converts a semiautomatic to an automatic. I would ban silencers. I would limit clip capacities to 10.

I would require background checks for all sales. To facilitate this the buyer could get a temporary background check good for 60 days from the police department to take to the sale. I would hold the registered owner criminally responsible for all crimes committed with that firearm as well as all civil damages. The registered owner would not be liable after reporting the theft of his firearm.

I would ban sales to anyoneyounger than 21 and not allow carry permits for anyone younger than 26. We mature at 26 physiologically and there is much evidence that says we also mature emotionally at 26.

Remember when they had the draft? They didn't draft past 26. Car insurance drops at 26 and most rental places will not rent a car to anyone younger than 26. The crime rate also drops at 26.

Finally, I would not grandfather in anything above.


Fort Wayne