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Monday, June 04, 2018 1:00 am


CHEERS to the Woodlan Jr./Sr. High School Service Club for collecting food donations for St. Andrews Soup Kitchen. Great job, well done and greatly appreciated – superb group of students.

Sharon Grepke

Manager, St. Andrews Soup Kitchen

Fort Wayne


Tucker shows she's woman of people

I'd like to thank Republican Chairman Steve Shine for his comments about Kim Doster running for County Council District 1. I'm glad he supports democracy but, in the spirit of democracy, I'd like to say I am more than happy with the representation we already have. We, the residents of Allen County, hired the right woman for the job last time. I'd like to think the chairman believes we citizens know what we're doing.

The fact is, Sharon Tucker has done a great job representing average people in Allen County. She is, by far, the most fiscally responsible member on the council.

She knows where to cut – unfair tax abatements to businesses that don't create new jobs. And she knows where to add; she fought to raise wages in the county for the people who do the real hands-on work, who get forgotten about by people in suits. She has fought for more investment in all areas of the county, rather than playing favorites in downtown Fort Wayne. Real-world people must watch their bank accounts, and Tucker does this for the whole county. She doesn't spend money we don't have.

She also knows where to add; namely, public safety. We live in an increasingly dangerous world, and she has gotten funds for school resource officers, the K-9 facility and security personnel at the Coliseum.

Most importantly to me, Tucker does not think she's above spending time with the people she represents just because she happens to hold an office. She goes to parades, fairs, dinners, schools, panels and boards in Hoagland, New Haven and Monroeville. In contrast, her opponent, Kim Doster, is a real estate broker who (according to her own website) shows homes in neighborhoods that are on the northwest and southwest sides of Fort Wayne and routinely sell for more than $500,000. In my search, I may have missed listings in my area.

How can someone who won't even do business in our communities or do business with non-millionaires represent us? Sharon is a person who has worked hard for what she has, and she works hard for us. I look forward to voting her back into office this November so she can continue working for the rest of us.


New Haven


Players entertainers

In the May 15 edition was a Los Angeles Times column decrying the NFL stand on kneeling players. I disagree with it.

NFL players are employees. They are actors on a stage.

If an employee, on company time, were to publicly make political statements or actions, they would be fired.

If an actor on stage were to make their opening lines political statements, they would be removed from the play.

NFL players are employees and actors, nothing more.


Fort Wayne