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Sunday, June 03, 2018 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Honor Flight activities 'highlight of years'

I would like to express my appreciation to the Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana for all they did to make the 28th flight such a memorable experience.

What great planning and organization. It was amazing to see all the volunteers dedicated to making this flight possible. Each and every one has my thanks for the great job they did. Thanks also to all of those present for our departure and arrival and my daughter for being my guardian.

And most especially to the surprise my wife provided upon our return.

Thank you also to the Fort Wayne Ballroom Company for providing the funds necessary for the entire flight, and to the Texas Roadhouse for providing lunch for all the participants and guests the week before the flight.

Being remembered for events I took part in 65 and 50 years ago is a highlight of my many years.

William Curts


An opportunity lost as cycle starts again

Well, there goes the proverbial tail wagging the dog again, which means we Americans won't have any meaningful gun control for a long time, if ever.

C'est la vie.


Fort Wayne

CHEERS! On May 18, I was in Macy's department store (in the shoe department) and started to feel ill. Two wonderful ladies came to my rescue. I don't know their names but wanted to thank them for their kindness, caring and much-needed help. They were my guardian angels that day.

Jackie Roehling

Fort Wayne

Argument irrefutable; writer hits straw men

I'm responding to Guy Spriggs' accusatory and deceptive letter of May 16 attacking the May 4 letter of Peter Scaer. Spriggs is good at defeating straw men while defaming the character of Scaer, the very thing that Scaer pointed out is the modus operandi of those who permit no disagreement with the cultural orthodoxy.

Spriggs claims “Scaer wrote ... in defense of the right of business owners to operate however they choose.” That's a straw man, an untrue accusation. Scaer points out the crux of the current Supreme Court case regarding Jack Philips of Masterpiece Cakeshop, namely, whether he has the “First Amendment right to operate his business according to his deeply held beliefs.” It's not about “Your kind is not served here” discrimination, but “can the government 'compel [Philips] to use his artistic skills to celebrate that which goes against his beliefs.' ” How much easier it is for Spriggs to argue against something Scaer never said than to address his argument honestly.

Spriggs goes on to claim that Scaer wants to call “standing up against discrimination” “the real crime.” That's another straw man. Scaer didn't call anything a crime. Rather he was calling for civility in our life together and for support of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Surely those are not “hypocritical and ethically bankrupt viewpoints” best kept “private or unshared” as Spriggs calls them, but foundational for our community and nation.

Indeed, if Philips' case is so obvious and his viewpoint so bankrupt, one wonders how the case made it to the Supreme Court. Perhaps there is more to the case than Spriggs wants to acknowledge. We'll know soon enough for the decision is expected any day now. Perhaps Scaer's arguments are correct. I think so. I hope we can return to civility and shared freedoms. 

Douglas Punke

Fort Wayne

Months after switch, trash pickup still poor

If our city awarded the trash and recycling contract with Red River based on the lowest bid and not quality of service, we got what we paid for!

This year, our entire neighborhood, River Bend Woods, has been missed twice for garbage collection and once for recycling. Many of our residents have called repeatedly to issue complaints.

The last time we were missed, I made contacts for three days. On the second call I was advised the work would be completed by the end of the work day. It was not. Overnight, we experienced high winds, and the next morning our neighborhood looked like a dump with numerous cans tipped over. Trash was between houses, in backyards, blocking the gutters and littering our streets. It was an unsightly mess. I made two more calls, up the chain of command, and an inspector then came out and initiated a cleanup.

Even when collection occurs on the scheduled day, frequently the trash receptacles are left tipped over and many are left out in the street instead of curbside, causing an impediment to traffic, requiring drivers to dodge these obstacles.

When our residents have called, several have been told that we must report by individual address the houses that have been missed, that a complaint cannot be filed for our entire neighborhood with one call.

This make no sense!

There needs to be improvement in this service for which each resident of Fort Wayne pays with our utility bills. This situation in unacceptable. There needs to be vigilant oversight and accountability by the contractor.

We deserve better.

Rosemarie Bostelman

Fort Wayne

Donnelly votes show his bipartisan bent

Joe Donnelly did not please anyone in the Washington Democratic power structure when he voted for the confirmations of Neil Gorsuch, Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel. He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do.

The Republican folks won't mention these votes. They will talk ad infinitum about his vote against the tax cut bill. That bill benefits people with the wealth of folks like Mike Braun and do nothing for the lower middle class.

We need leaders who put the good of the people before their party. Vote for Joe Donnelly in November.

Dennis Doyle

Fort Wayne