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Thursday, May 17, 2018 1:00 am


After faceoff, unity

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Chris Spurr for his spirited campaign for Allen County commissioner. We are stronger as individuals when we are tested in the court of life. Chris provided me with that test and I thank him for that and his interest in the process. As we move forward to the fall campaign, we are reminded that we are strongest when we come together as one. Now is the time for us to unify as a team and work toward the common good of the community.

Rich Beck

Fort Wayne


Breakfast surprise

On the morning of May 6, my wife and I had a nice breakfast at Hall's on East State Boulevard. I went to pay the bill and was told it had already been paid. Thank you; we will pay it forward.

Thanks again!


Fort Wayne

Braun boosts Trump

On May 8, voters went to the polls to select the candidates who would run in the U.S. Senate race. After a bitter campaign, voters selected the candidate they believe best represents them. For the GOP, that candidate was Mike Braun. With that in mind, it is time for Indiana Republicans to rally around Braun. Unity will be necessary in the long race if the party is to win the seat from Joe Donnelly.

As an outsider, Braun is an excellent candidate to represent Hoosiers. He has experience both managing his business and creating jobs. This will give him experience promoting job creation in Washington, addressing the tax code and reforming the budget. He will also have experience dealing with the health care market, which will need reform as premiums are set to rise. He also has experience as a legislator at the Statehouse, which will give him experience needed to accomplish these goals.

Already, Indiana's leaders are supporting Braun. On Twitter, Gov. Eric Holcomb, Sen. Todd Young and Vice President Mike Pence have promoted him against Donnelly. With President Donald Trump's recent rally reminding voters of the need to promote his agenda, a fellow outsider is likely to do that. Once elected, Braun can further the goal of putting America first and keeping it great. So support for him is vital and will only further the conservative agenda of growing the economy and protecting individual liberty.

Brett Heinisch


'Just enjoy the music'

This letter is in response to all of the negative feedback regarding the Ted Nugent concert scheduled at the Foellinger Theater. I have a very simple answer. If you think he is dangerous or unworthy to perform here, just don't go.

He has every right to express his views, as does every U.S. citizen. If you don't agree, don't go.

I will be attending, just as I have every time he is in our area for the last 50 years or so. He is a tremendous musician and still very much in top form despite being labeled as a has-been.

His music has been a soundtrack to my life and also many others. I could care less what his politics are; I just need a little “Cat Scratch Fever” because it is “Just What the Doctor Ordered.”

Please reconsider all of the negative comments and just enjoy the music for once.


Fort Wayne