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Wednesday, May 16, 2018 1:00 am


New facility vital to Shepherd's House

I encourage the Fort Wayne Board of Zoning Appeals to pass the request placed by Shepherd's House for the use of the former YWCA building at 1610 Spy Run Ave. Having visited Shepherd's House many times in my health care position, I find it to be a quality facility, deeply interested in and meeting the needs of so many veterans in need of assistance. This is a program northeast Indiana and our congressional representatives need to support. Kudos to Barb and Lonnie Cox for doing such a great job.

Beth Hauenstein

Columbia City

Letter writers exist in alternate reality

I'm always anxious to read letters to the editor because I care about how people process and respond to the news. But this valuable outlet also sheds light on sadly hypocritical and ethically bankrupt viewpoints that would otherwise be private or unshared.

On May 4, Peter Scaer wrote a letter in defense of the right of business owners to operate however they choose. In this defense, Scaer suggests those who take issue with discrimination are the real bigots, offering narrow understanding of cultural institutions in conflating all forms of protest.

Scaer, then, expects us to believe that standing up against discrimination targeting certain identities is the real crime, not the inciting prejudice itself. This issue is not as simple and folksy as Scaer intentionally paints it to be; he must know real discrimination against LGBT people exists and supersedes business interests. Only the most privileged can see any imposition on their “rights” – even in the name of equality – as the true crime.

Then, the next day, Sharon Kirkpatrick bemoaned the state of journalism, suggesting all news items she dislikes are merely meant to entertain the gullible. She follows this claim by giving Donald Trump credit for even the most unrealistic of his supposed accomplishments, kneejerking at any opportunity to praise him.

Even if Trump had achieved objective victories for Americans – a highly questionable claim itself – Kirkpatrick's wholesale acceptance of the Fox News line surely reveals far more than simple gullibility. What did Trump do to contribute to any positive changes in our nation or world? Why should he be praised for donating less than .00005 percent of his wealth as a Band-Aid to gutted programs? Such statements simply can't be taken seriously.

We are constantly told America is more divided than ever. How can we address those divisions when people like Scaer and Kirkpatrick willingly construct alternate realities such as these?

Guy Spriggs

Fort Wayne

Grateful for boost

The audience at the “People of the Book” lecture on May 7 must have been inspired by the wonderful talk by author Alice Hoffman because they gave very generously to the free-will offering for the BookStart Fund. Thanks to the Fort Wayne Jewish Federation for once again hosting this marvelous lecture series. And a special thank you to Carol Adelman, this year's event chair, and her committee for selecting BookStart as the recipient of the collected donations. If you don't know why the donations are so important, read about it at

Ginny Clark

BookStart fund administrator