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Monday, May 07, 2018 1:00 am


Tax hike hits seniors hard

A rise in property taxes in Perry Township for citizens older than 70 is a burden.

I have no children left in schools here. We seniors are on a fixed income. Social Security raises are only 1 percent or 2 percent every few years and my little pension of more than 20 years never goes up.

It seems like everything goes up but our income.

Let the people who are working and have children in schools pay the taxes, not the senior citizens. We would like to stay in the home we built outside city limits to get away from high taxes in the city. But Perry Township has a higher tax rate than the other house.

We had our house built in 2001. The builder said we wouldn't be annexed into the city until 2012, but we were annexed in 2006 so the city could get more property taxes. The city doesn't even come out to clear our streets in the winter. Our association dues pay to have streets cleared but the guys go so fast, they throw snow back onto cleaned-off sidewalks.


Fort Wayne

Stop sign ineffective in helping calm traffic

I am disappointed city traffic engineers supported the Kensington Downs Community Association in installation of a three-way stop sign at Kerrigan Way and Red Clover Lane as a “traffic-calming” measure in February 2017. Since the sign was placed, we have observed significant decreased safety at this intersection as a result of poor compliance, increased acceleration and increased automobile-generated noise. We have also observed several potential accidents. These observations are cited in every research article discussing why stop signs are ineffective as a traffic-calming measure and should not be used solely for this purpose.

Vince Fish (Fort Wayne traffic engineer) and John Perlich (of the city's public information office) have indicated they are aware of the research. Fish explained there is a “hope” for decrease in traffic flow because some people might take an alternate route to avoid the inconvenience of the stop sign. He explained the city likes to “empower” homeowners' associations on such matters.

This became a “trophy project” for the Kensington Downs Community Association. When we tried to discuss this with our homeowners' association, they simply stated it was a “done deal.” Now that the signs are in place, we are getting a first-hand look at why all the research states stop signs should not be used as a traffic-calming measure. We prefer to have someone with the ability to read, analyze and interpret research guide decisions concerning traffic safety on our street corner instead of the community association.

Debra Kline

Fort Wayne

Effective gun laws

Yet another mass shooting with an assault rifle, this time in Nashville, Tennessee.

Now I understand that, of course, if we outlaw guns, “only outlaws will have guns.” But when was the last time you heard of a bank being robbed, a drive-by shooting or a church/synagogue/nightclub/concert/business being shot up with a machine gun? You haven't? Perhaps that's because machine guns were outlawed in 1934. Apparently even outlaws don't use them anymore.

I would also like to remind everyone that the woman who got mad at YouTube and decided to go to company headquarters and kill as many employees as she could was unable to purchase an assault rifle because she lived in California, where they have tough laws about purchasing semi-automatic weapons. She had to settle for a handgun and only succeeded in wounding three people before killing herself. Think how different this could have been had she only been able to purchase a weapon of war.

Richard Woodward

Fort Wayne